I Admire My Wife’s Sexuality

As I watched my wife being taken by another man I couldn’t help to admire my wife’s sexuality, her raw sexual nature when she is being taken by a man’s cock. I can’t explain it but it is very calming and de-stressing when she cuckolds me, fucks another man. Through my feminization I have sought to understand this pure desire for hedonism the compersion I feel when she gets to enjoy sex in a way I can not provide her on my own. 

She loves big cock, she loves variety and I love for her to have it. I have seen her be ravished by a bull. She takes to it so naturally. Hot and slutty in a sexy good way with her husbands approval. She is not cheating on anyone, hedonism is the ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life. When you are in a cuckolding relationship where it is enjoyable for both the wife and husband there is a satisfaction of desires for both of us. My cuckold cravings and her getting to enjoy a different type of fulfilling sex. I would say better sex, but she has baffled my mind and still enjoys sex and love making with me and my insecurities of being a man with a small penies. 

What are the thoughts that go through my head. I have experimented with other men, with her very large endowed men. Their cocks in my hand feel large, heavy, hot and sexy. Balls full of cum large and round. I myself am impressed and willing to indulge in my desires to worship them with her. I think to myself if I was her, this is the cock I would prefer, this is the cock I would want to fuck. Big and thick, penetrates deep while filling and stretching her. I feel an understanding for her sexual needs as a woman.  

Her body sprays, sweats and lubricates itself to continue to enjoy the pounding, the fucking, the penetrating, orgasims after orgasms. 

It seems right to me, seems natural, it turns me on. So deep inside her the bull breeds her body, giving her amazing pleasure. As a woman she doesn’t want to stop and can go on for longer as he inseminates her, cock pulsating inside of her, buried to the hilt filling her with human sperm. A beautiful erotic site. She looks more beautiful and sexy than ever. Her sexed body is an aphrodisiac for me. 

I have grown to love the taste of other mens cum as it drips out of her pussy into my mouth. I love being the cuckold, cleaning the sex goddess, bringing her down from the sexual highs the bull took her on, being there for her, her rock, her support. It feels natural for me to be this person, the cuckold husband. When all is done, fucked and inseminated, stretched and filled, satisfaction of her sexual desires she is mine. Mine to love and I’m hers to love back. The calmness of having our desires satisfied, our pleasures peaked, holding loving each-other as a loving couple, best friends, BFF’s. 

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