Filled and Stretched

I love butt plugs! They are just naughty and I like to wear them under my clothes during my day to day every now and then. I have built a nice collection and different sizes. It makes me feel naughty, submissive and feminine when I put one in my ass and slide a thong over it. The fullness feels good, when you move it moves inside your body, reminding yourself of your own naughty behavior. I’ll sit down and work and grind my ass on it. No one knows I have it in, just private sexual fun to help fill the otherwise normal day. 

I was fucking my wife the other night with a new plug in my ass. It was big I felt so full! No I was not fucking my wife with my little cock, she was also being stretched full by a realistic large dildo only it was her pussy. As I fucked her, I could feel my ass being split and stretched open. Her and my sounds were in sync both feeling the pleasures of being stretched and full. I couldn’t help myself, I like imagining what it is like being the female, dressing the part. I wondered in my mind if this is what it feels like for her, being stretched and fucked by a big cock. How enjoyable it must be for her to get fucked and filled by large cocks when she has the opportunity. 

Feeling this, how could she not want to be slutty? To fill her sexual desires. We both had pretty powerful orgasms, fantasizing in our own heads, full and stuffed with sex toys.  

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