Sometimes She Just Wants To Be Fucked

I have a passion for making love to my wife. This is what makes me a good husband and a cuckold. It is about her body and her pleasure. She also loves to make love to me and gives just as much as I do. An outward expression of love. We look at each-other passionately, hold and touch each-others bodies, kiss and make out slowly, feel each-others energy and our connection to each-other forever. I have always been good at making love, but early on I knew my wife often just wants to be fucked.

There is a difference, when we make love it is soft, we look at each-other in the eyes, softly touch each-other, kiss, it is a connection with a lot of intimacy. Making love isn’t just about the body but all of you and your partner. The love and care you have for each-other. It is an emotional and psychological process, it extends outside of the bedroom. We are connected and care for each-other as a married couple, parents, best friends as a team together there always for each-other.

She needs more than that and so do I. I do fuck her too. It takes a lot of work for me, although worth it. I have a small cock, so I can not just make her scream in orgasm with one thrust. So I use toys, and my hand. When you are being fucked as a woman it is all about being used, having that amazing climax over and over again. It is about you. Having the endorphins rush through your body making you sex crazed, cock crazed, you don’t ever want it to stop, you are in the moment being taken. I can fuck her really well with toys. I learned this prior to marriage. I can also fuck her with my mind and be creative in the bedroom. Eventually though I wanted her to have more than toys, to be really fucked by a man that is able to do it. I just had a feeling she needed it and because of that I needed it too, it turned me on.

I am a much better lover, I am much more better at licking and nurturing her sexually, even helping her find that man to sexually blow her mind when she desires. We are the slutty BFFs that love to share everything.

Fucking doesn’t have to be part of a relationship of any sort. You can get fucked by anyone you choose, feed the hunger to climax on an alpha stud and not worry about interacting with each-other outside of the bedroom. It doesn’t matter whether he calls you or how much he feels cared by you, you may have a sexual connection where you are simply a booty call for both of you to get off. Yes you may go on dates but it is very much sexual.

This is the sad thing about cheating, I bet most often it is exactly above. The partner is seeking a different type of sexual gratification, they just want to fuck. The husband may not have a small cock, he may fuck her fine. She may just want variety. The sex in the relationship may have gone stale and one or both needs some fire. It is sad because as the numbers show it leads to so many divorces. It is sad because the partner who cheated on her husband or visa versa, in many cases still loves that person just as much as ever. It just can’t work out after because the bond of trust and honesty has been broken, not the love itself.

Sex is a way of communicating and connecting with each other, and staying connected to yourself. My wife and I have been able to find a good balance of sex and fucking with cuckolding. She gets to have her cake and eat it too. I did sometimes feel jealous or scared, jealous I couldn’t fuck her like she needed, scared she would leave me, insecure I was turned on by it as a husband. But when I let that go our love deepened. Lucky for her it has always been a turn on for me, but for both of us it is a complete sexual experience that we both get great satisfied from. Yes sometimes there is a connection too with the other male, we have had two long term relationships with other males who occasionally dated and fucked my wife. I though built a connection with them too as anyone my wife fucks is also part of my sex life, more so because I’m a cuckold.

She gets to have her cake and eat it too. She gets to experience a variety of sexual experiences and men. To flirt with others, to feel that new relationship high, that feeling of sexual adventure. She gets to get fucked, and often better than myself can ever fuck her. To get that animalistic feeling of being sexually taken. Sometimes even by multiple men at once. She then gets to make love with me, share the experience with me as I lovingly embrace her, accept as my wife. I don’t know, I find the whole act of a hotwife beautiful and thrilling.

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