Let’s Go Shopping

I absolutely love clothes shopping, not any clothes though, women’s clothes. My wife is sexy and I love to help her wear sexy clothing, after all she is my hotwife! My wife is confident, she also enjoys being a sexual exhibitionist. I just can’t ever keep my eyes off of her. It is not all about that though, I love that she is a liberated woman, not conservative and with my help fashion forward in an easy going straightforward manner. A little bit more revealing but also very stylish.

I also love to wear women’s clothing. I like the fabrics, the feel of them on my skin, how they make me feel sexy when I am wearing them. I obviously don’t look as hot in them as her, I am a man. For me for the most part women’s clothing are costume pieces. I dress for a very short time, have fun then have to go back to my day to day wear. Right now though lets stick to my Hotwife and I will sprinkle a little details about women’s clothing for me.

What are the best clothing for a hotwife? I bet you are thinking of stores like Yandy, Amiclubwear, fredericks of hollywood. Yes hot! I made this mistake early on. I will never forget a night my wife wore a cheap club dress out with me downtown that barley covered her ass or her tits. Eyes were all on her! The thing is though she looked like a prostitute. If it wasn’t that she is drop dead gorgeous and could easily be a high-end call girl the clothing choice that night would have even made her look like a cheap prostitute. It was fun though! Lucky for me my wife also fantasizes about being a prostitute for a night – I love this fantasy.

A hotwife though is, sexy, classy, liberated, confident and you want her to look like that so no cheap clothing except for at home or a kinky night out :). Occasionally you will find a hot dress or top that can be warn a few times at places like Fashion Nova but they typically don’t last long. You pay for what you get. On the flip-side these are great options for Sissy Cuckolds having fun sexy nights at home. Lets face it though you are also fantasizing about being a sexy sex toy, so it works!

Now lets get back to the beginning. We are going for sexy and stylish, clothes that can be warn all the time, clothes that actually help build confidence. These clothing are not cheap, many don’t break the bank and others are very expensive. I see one of these, I imagine my wife in it, and a purchase is made if I get that feeling “She has to have that!” When I shop.

Bebe – This used to be my go to store and we still are able to find fun stylish and sexy tops and bottoms here. Over the years though they have had to downsize and it can no longer be the one stop shop. They are known for being a magnetic brand to women who love to take center stage! This is where you want your wife at if she is into the hotwife sexuality!

Guess: We have found amazing dresses at guess! We purchase a few a year here for my wife. They have sexy stylish summer styles, casual and the IT dress for a sexy night out. I love going here in person with her as well as the store right below. Guess where we live at least is also very sexuality positive.

Victoria Secrets: Maybe I am just biased, I have tried other women’s underwear. There is a reason Victoria Secrets is know for sexy, it is! I would vote at least 90-95% of a wife’s under garments should be from here. What do I like most for my wife? The skimpier the better of course. I love unlined bra’s, v-string thongs and pretty much all their thongs! As for sports bra’s, you should not pick these out for your wife, functional is better and only she will know which works best.

For Sissy Men: I love wearing women’s underwear and I can wear it everyday!!! The skimpier the better for me too…… unfortunately I have balls and it doesn’t always work. So for me the more polymide and elastane fabric in the panties the better. These are more stretchy. I get very excited when i find a v-string thong that works for me. The seamless thongs tend to always fit well and I have a thing for the Brazilian cut thongs.

Reformation: This online store nails understated sexiness and femininity. It kind of has that Bohemian hippy style to it. This can be so sexy! Especially since this type of clothing often is best warn without a bra or with an unlined bra.

Sandiegofit.com: If you want to get your wife super sexy workout pants and tops this is the go to place! Yes, Nike, Under Armour, LULU Lemmon have hot workout clothes but they are common. My wife is far from common and if you are reading this yours probably is too. Get her something unique and fun!

LULUS: Like Reformation has that strong sexy understated look which for everyday wear is SO SO hot! You can find a lot of great tops here and I just got my wife the sexiest little jean shorts from here.

Freddy Jeans: Years ago I saw a girl wearing Freddy Jeans in an instagram post. I got that “My wife has to have those!” thought in my head. I didn’t know the brand only the logo. I searched what felt like hours and then I found them. Gold mine! My wife has many pairs. Check them out they are are sexy and comfortable. (yes I have worn them too).

Sassy and Slutty: It is a great look! Especially when it can be rocked with confidence. I mentioned Fashion Nova above but I also found a fun store called Pretty Little Thing. My wife is definitely a pretty little thing and this is a great store. I love that some of the models look like my wife so it is easy to imagine what she will look in the “She has to have that!” clothing item. Also some fun clothes for us guys to try on ;).

Missguided: I have found a few items here. I am putting it on the list because I often forget about this shop and I plan to refer back to this post as my own shopping guide. A store called Missguided…. Come on it has to be hot!

Now for shoes!!!

Guys if you wear heels for fun – Fashion Nova – cheap, large foot sized available, so much fun! Side note guys, walking in heals and bouncing your ass feels sexy! Not necessarily comfortable.

For the hot ladies. Expensive as fuck! (Whatever that means, I’m meaning very expensive). They need to wear these all day and night. I’m talking heels and boots here not sneakers. When I want a ridiculously extravagant pair of shoes, I find a way to buy them.” -Carrie Bradshaw

Stuart Weitzman: Sexy and comfortable! So many hot boot styles as well as heels. This has been my go to store for gifts for the wife lately.

Ilene Berg: These shoes are so sexy! So hot! My wife also says they are the most comfortable heels to walk in. Best yet, she never heard of them until I got her a pair. She owns most of the styles. Get these first then move to Weitzman.

That is my shopping list! If you have other sexy stores you love please comment. Clothing shopping is so important for a hotwife and cuckold marriage. Yes even when going to a nude resort!

Have fun. Enjoy it together.

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