A Hotwife Proposal

One of the happiest days of my life is when I proposed to my wife and she kissed me and said yes. There was some hick-ups in the initial plan I had, my plan to get on my knees and ask the woman I love “will you marry me?”

When the moment came, it was perfect, magical, the universe aligned. We were giddy and happy as we kissed and she said yes!, a flock of pelicans in perfect formation flew over us on the bluffs of the California coast. I knew the first day I met my wife I wanted to marry her. There was instant chemistry an attraction, true love at first sight. Something I have never experienced before and it is her I will ever experience it with. My soulmate.

Prior to getting married I did fantasize about her having sex with other men. I can’t explain it, It is just a fact. I did not know I was a cuckold, a stag, or anything you want to call it. I knew thinking of her fucking another man while I laid in my bed turned me on.

It was a fantasy, a strange thought, a strange turn-on. I never thought she would do it or I would ask her to do it. I never thought we would become a spicy naughty couple. The thought though never went away, never stopped turning me on.

I go by the name Cuckold Cravings for a reason, just that, I get these uncontrollable craving for my wife to cuckold me. When we first started, I felt so guilty, ashamed. I never, ever wanted her to do this just for me. I wanted her to enjoy it just as much or not do it at all. Which it seemed she did.

So often I wished that I had communicated these desires prior to her agreeing to marry me. Something in my head told me it would be okay if she desired to marry me even knowing I had this kink, this sexuality this naughtiness, a sexual deviant. If I had proposed that she married me as a hotwife and she agreed we were truly in it together.

We just had our 11th anniversary. She steel loves me and I steel love her (steel is the traditional gift for an 11th anniversary).

Last night was funny, spontaneous, special. As I mentioned in my last post we are looking for a new bull, she is ready to cuckold me again. I kissed her hands, I put her wedding ring finger in my mouth and removed the rings. I made love to her and when I finished, I got on my knees and proposed to her. I asked her if she will be my hotwife forever? We discussed what that means. That she will have sexual relationships with whomever she chooses whenever she chooses. Boyfriends. She has the freedom to go out. Even if it means openly doing it, it is part of our love for each-other.

She said yes. A silly gesture but one that we both will remember forever. I feel a weight lifted off of me. When she said yes, she said it is what we both need. It is true, we are more in love than ever too.

2 thoughts on “A Hotwife Proposal

  1. .i LOVE how loving your relationship and Cuckold marriage is…sometimes i even find intense cuckold humiliation to be an intense act of love and Domination/submission in my marriage because She knows how much it excites me and my stiff little clit πŸ˜‰


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