He Fantasizes About you

Our sexuality is a crazy thing. We can’t always explain it.

When my wife found out I had cuckold fantasies she told me after she found her head spinning with a million questions.  Why was he doing this?  Did he somehow not care about me?  Did he want to sleep with some other woman and this was his way to get permission?  Was this some outrageously elaborate test to see if I was really a faithful wife?

I did not have any ulterior motives. I had a fantasy, so strong that I could not contain my curiosity of what it would be like to have a hot wife. It was dangerous and exciting.

A cuckold male is very unique. Everyone has sexual fantasies. Guys watch porn and fantasize about the hot pornstar being fucked and wishing they could be the one fucking her, fantasize about a co-worker or a girl at their gym. An office fling or a quick fuck to fulfill sexual pleasure outside of a relationship. Girls have the same fantasies too.

Cuckolds don’t. When a cuckold is watching porn and there is a woman getting fucked by a male porn star. The cuckold fantasizes that it is his wife that is getting fucked, it is that thought that turns him on, that thought that he cums to. When he sees a hot girl at the gym, or a co-worker at the office he doesn’t fantasize about her. He thinks what it must be to be like her, having guys want to fuck her. He thinks about how sexy his wife is, how men want to fuck her too and it turns him on. A cuckold sees the alpha stud, flirting with the girls. He doesn’t want to be the alpha stud, no instead he fantasizes about him fucking his wife.

The wife is at the top of every fantasy that goes through the head of a cuckold. If your husband tells you he has the desire to share you, that he has cuckold desires you should be flattered. You are his fantasy. Otherwise he would recommend swinging, or an open relationship where you both are having sex.

To a cuckold you are the most beautiful woman in the world. The most sexually desirable woman. You are a sex goddess. He feels lucky to have you as a wife. Feels you are so hot and sexy he doesn’t deserve you. That you deserve guys that can sexually give you more. Or that you are so sexual, he alone can not fulfill your sexual needs. You are a gift of beauty and sex for men. He loves you more than the world itself. He wants you to have everything including other men.

As I said in the beginning our sexuality is a crazy thing. We can’t always explain it or understand it. We can only try. A cuckold is also ashamed to have these sexual desires. But wouldn’t or shouldn’t he be more ashamed if fantasizing about others? It is you his wife who is his sexual fantasy.

It is such a strong fantasy, one that turns him on so much, a craving, like a drug it can feel unhealthy. Yes he may feel angst, he may feel jealousy, if you choose to indulge in his deviance. What he is feeling is fear. He wants to give you this gift of sexual freedom but it comes at a cost, he never wants to lose you.

I fantasize about the person I love being fucked by hung and strong men, even multiple men. I fantasize about her dating these same men, feeling sexual pleasures greater with them, orgasming harder with them, going back to them whenever she pleases for more, fantasizing about them, even accepting the consequences of her potentially be impregnated by them! My little cock gets so hard! It strains to the thought. I was willing to gamble, but I don’t ever want to lose her. She is my fantasy, she is the love of my life, my desire, my sexual vixen, my angle and my devil, my naughty and my nice, the mother of my children, my best-friend, my wife my girl, she is my everything.

Cuckolding comes from a place of love, fantasy and strength. It can be a powerful sexual relationship. Spicy and fun. It repeats itself after the act. You hold her, you kiss her, you love her, you lick her and clean her, make love to her. She is a gift, your wife, your sexual goddess, your complete fantasy come true.

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