A Good Bull

We have been lucky to find two great bulls to have long term relationships filled with hot sexual experiences.

Our first long term relationship with an Alpha Male started by him seducing my wife in front of me at a winery, then taking us both back to his house for a night of mind blowing threesome sex and me watching them have sex. When my wife asked him at the winery bar what he was into he said “I’m into fucking hot women like you.” I was standing right there. My wife later told me after he said that to her, that point on, all she could think about was feeling his cock inside of her.  

Although I was there that first night, the two of them met many times over the next year and a half to have incredible sex. He was not into the cuckolding, he did not lie that first night, he was into fucking hot women like my wife. He did just that. He was fun though even for me. He did love taking pictures and video’s and would send them to me while they were together. He also took her out, showed her a good time and treated her well. It was an enjoyable cuckold relationship and I was happy when she spent time with him.

Our second long term bull sent me a message on Lifestyle Lunge. It was short and simple “I’m exactly what you are looking for, I don’t know why you have not contacted me yet cuckold.”

Unlike the first longterm sexual relationship, this guy was very into the cuckolding kink and playing the roll of the Dom Bull. I was smitten with him the first conversation we had, I felt like I would do anything sexually with him and wanted my wife to fuck him whenever he wanted her. He was the Alpha male in our relationship. Although he fucked my wife I may have had a larger crush on him.

He challenged us, he always treated our experiences as a three way relationship even when he was off alone with my wife he would figure out ways to make me feel included. To make me feel cuckolded. He understood my angst and helped me work through it. He also understood that erotic humiliation turned me on and helped me learn that it was okay. He pushed our sexual boundaries and we pushed his.

He talked my wife into denying me sometimes. Fucked her while teasing her about my little cock locked in a cage, so she could enjoy him, her bull. He spoke direct to me and told me what him and her wanted. He talked dirty when he fucked her, made her tell me how much she loved his cock, how much better he fucked her. How much of a slut for cock she is. How enjoyable she is in bed when he fucks her and how much she loves when he fills her with his cum.

I loved it!

Sexually besides my wife he was life changing. My wife brings the best out of me, physically, emotionally and sexually. Him and my wife brought out my skeletons in the closet. I don’t know what it was, maybe how I looked at him, or how much I loved the light contact I would make on him during three-ways. Accidentally brushing my lips on his cock as I licked my wife’s pussy while he fucked her, how I cupped his balls or guided his cock in her. They must have known I wanted to suck it. Must have known hidden in my past I must have been with another man or desired to. Maybe how I avoided eye contact with him always, he didn’t only have my wife he had me. If I made eye contact I would have melted into him like her, I would have been his slut too. I had submitted to this Alpha Male, it thrilled me and scared me.

As a good bull he allowed me accept things about myself, along with my wife’s acceptance of me, a perfect blend. The true joys of being a cuckold, the erotic agony and turn on of erotic humiliations. Having orgasms without touching myself but through watching them have sex. The joys of touching a mans big cock, sharing it with my wife because I understand her desire for it. Sucking his large cock into my mouth and sharing it with my wife. Desiring to be fucked by it myself, but fearing its size. They both allowed me to accept that not only am I a cuckold, it was deeper, I also am bi-sexual cuckold. She still loves me for who I am, he also was accepting and willing to play with who I am.

What do good bulls have in common? The classic Alpha male.  Sexy as hell, charming – and with an air of confidence that you can’t resist. Fit, a guy who knows how to take care of himself. A long and thick cock that makes you feel lust and excitement. Larger than the husbands, after all part of the sexual thrill of being a cuckold is for your wife to get fucked better than you ever can fuck her. She is the luckiest women in the world having a husband who loves her, worships her, who allows her the sexual freedom to feel pleasures that she can only feel outside of our marriage. This is the whole point of cuckolding.

Someone who can make you feel small as she rubs her hands up and down on his shaft. He makes her feel small too, like you the cuckold she gets off submitting to this. He makes her feel like the perfect little slut and brings out the naughty slut in her.

A true cocksman. The type of man that you know when you see him take your wife, she will go back for more. Driving his cock into her accepting pussy. Bigger cock than she experiences at home driving deeper than her husbands making her submit to the new owner of her pussy. Over and over making her convulse into orgasm from only his cock. Not love but fucking with uninhibited passion.

Every wife should have a good bull or two, even the ones that don’t have cuckold husbands. I have witnessed it and all women deserve a fucking as often as they would like by an alpha male. Of course it does also turn me on.

PS: We are looking for a new bull. Are you up for the challenge?


2 thoughts on “A Good Bull

  1. cuckold is only lust,u loose all love affection u get from loved ones, live everything behind in u r life and give into lust or keep dignity and respect life has given ur choice?!!!!!


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