Is Cuckolding a Psychological Perversion or Can A Normal Person Be A Cuckold?

This is a funny question. It is like forbidden love. When I started to realize I was a cuckold (male that gets turned on by the woman he loves having sex with other men, without the desire to swing too) I thought it was Psychological Perversion as so much of the pleasure that is derived from this type of sexual play for the guy like me is psychological more than physical. I have read of cuckolding being called an intellectual kink for this reason.

Where the sex is physical the mental, emotional and inner body responses is where most of the pleasure from cuckolding comes from. Cuckolds like me even get turned on from jealously, angst and erotic humiliation. Note though if you are new to cuckolding you have to learn not to get jealous and angsty as that is not healthy for your relationship with your wife. Understand you are getting pleasure from your wife being with other men, so you can not get jealous. It is hard and may take time but I know from experience :). If you are a cuckold her fucking other men is actually a sexual gift from her for both of you.

Perversion is defined as sexual behavior or desire that is considered abnormal or unacceptable. I certainly believed this when we first started cuckolding. The fact is there is nothing abnormal about it, that is proven by the amount of hotwife, cuckold, stag, swinger content, social clubs, forums and everything else that is out there. A LOT of people are into this. You should not be shamed for feeling your are a cuckold. It took me years to accept this part of myself and it would have been so much more fun if I accepted it like my wife did right away. We knew it turned me on but I couldn’t get over how I was raised and what society expected. In general this is a bad way to live even outside of cuckolding.

I wrote about it in my post a couple days ago Let’s Fuck Around . Where I wrote Fuck reputations, so many people make poor choices in life trying to protect fragile reputations. In that post I was unable to make it clear what I was thinking. What I meant is who cares if it is unacceptable to others. My wife and I both accept that I am a cuckold and she loves having hot sex outside our marriage with sexy hung men. The fact that we accept it, love each-other and are happy with each-other is all that matters when it comes to our sexuality and how and who we have sex with.

Yes a normal person can be a cuckold. If you met me you would not know I was a cuckold, unless of course you are the guy being introduced to me by my wife lol. I own a business, I coach my kids sports, have a huge vanilla friend group, a wife, kids home, like craft beer and being social. I am just about as much a normal Joe you can be accept I happen to also be a sexual slutty freak, and a cuckold. We are all sexual, at least I hope, we are animals after all even though us humans sometimes forget that.

In a loving relationship with great communication and sexual desire for each-other cuckolding is a wonderful addition to a marriage as long as you both are in it together.

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