Let’s fuck around

I have always found adventurous women so sexy. Woman who like to sexually fuck around. They sometimes get a stigma as being sluts, simply enjoying the thrills of sexual debauchery. Slut as a negative stigma in society is wrong, to me slutty is so sexy! Fuck reputations, so many people make poor choices in life trying to protect fragile reputations. Reputations aside I put my hotwife on the highest pedestal. When you look at the definition of a slut the two that ring the most true in the dictionary are 1. a woman who is free and indiscriminate with her sexual favors and 2. a woman who is flirtatious and sexually attractive.

The interesting thing about slutty women is they are confident, smart, and sassy. Alive with pleasure, men find these ladies sexy and attractive. Women like my wife know who they are, what they believe, what they bring to the table. Feminine in their appearance they radiate confidence. A flirty smile, a playful personality. In the past they may or may have not been shamed for being sluts. What they really are is strong. Strong woman are always feared by some. Fun and independent they don’t need a man to make them whole but a partner in crime can help complete them. 

My wife is a sexual goddess and I see her as that. She is sexy, and because so invites what comes with that, attraction. Yes she is a slut but she chooses who she has sex. She is in the position of power with every man as women like her should be. When she chooses to be ravaged by you, it is a beautiful sight. Giving herself to be used and dominated sexually, a quick change in power, to be used and fucked, insatiable, taken on a sexual journey. I have been a man of power and given it up to be used like a slut, it feels amazing. It is the same as being cuckolded.  

I think most men would rather have a slutty wife who fucks other men than a conservative wife who struggles with her sexuality. A woman that sometimes just wants to fuck around with other men.

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