Getting Him Ready

I traced my thumb on my wife’s lips, pushing it in her mouth as she twirled her tongue abound it, sucking it sexually, sucking it like she wants cock in her mouth. We kissed twirling our tongues together the same way. Repeating both back and forth. She whispers, “are you thinking about sucking cock?”

I wasn’t thinking about sucking cock at all, but I was thinking about her sucking a big cock, being a hungry sexual hotwife, bobbing her head up and down, getting another man hard and ready to fuck her eager pussy. Stretching her full and making her cum on his thick hot shaft over and over again until he explodes inside her slutty cunt. The thought was turning me on, making me hard.

She knows, I’m a sucker for cock. A cock sucker. A sexually submissive slutty male. That is why she whispers “are you thinking about sucking cock?

I have sucked cock with her before. Only a couple times. Do you have any idea how hot it is to get hard a man that’s going to bang your wife? I love it. Love it. She picks guys she wants and I suck them until they get hard. Submitting to their power, their cock. Thicker, longer. A few seconds eyeballing the men other than me my wife fucks would show you those dicks undeniably trend on the larger side. She never sought out guys with a bigger package until she became a hotwife, after all she is married to me. Of course she didn’t know my cock size and by the time she did I had already won her heart. We were into each other and still are, it makes for hot loving communicative and attentive sex. I imagine woman like my wife naturally attract bigger cocks of course that might just be the cuckold in me thinking.

My less than average cock size gets the job done, but you can easily wrap a small hand around my thin shaft with the tip barely poking out of the top of the hand. 2 fingers work well to stroke off my cock size. That is why it is so hot seeing the contrast when my wife is with another male. Big cocks are hot, yes to look at but also to touch. They are warm to the touch, heavy in the hand, you can’t easily wrap your full hand around, if at all and plenty of its shaft still visible. I think once you place a cock in your hand, there is no turning back, even if you are straight as an arrow. It is just mesmerizing.

The thrill of it touching your lips, sinking into your mouth as you slurp on it and get it wet. Feeling it harden and grow more as you escape into a sexual bliss. Gag on it, take it in your mouth as far as you can. Women love sucking cock, love a hard dick in their mouth. I can understand, it is a power change and you just want to pleasure and serve it. As a cuckold it is a thrill. There is no comparison you know his cock is superior, you know if you were her you would choose to fuck this cock in your mouth over your own. Many won’t understand this but that is thrilling and exciting for a cuckold male, after all a cuckold male gets turned on by his wife fucking other men.

You have submitted, sucked and prepared him and now it is time to guide his hot thick cock into your wife’s eager waiting pussy and step back to the thrills of her world being sexually rocked!

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