Happy Father’s Day Cuckold

Such naughty thoughts today! This morning I was leaving for work, my wife looked sexy as always in her short dance shorts and tank-top without a bra. She smiles and tells me, I think we should lock you up soon. Maybe on Father’s Day.

I laughed and joked, perfect I can be locked up in chastity while you go out and make me a new father again. A joke that as I walked out of the door gave me quite the rise in my shorts.

It is know secret to her that I find the idea of her being impregnated by a hung bull as being hot! I have got off to this fantasy many times on my own and when she has been out having safe sex with other men. I know for a fact we both have gotten of on it while fucking each-other. Yes she finds the idea hot too. It was big checkmark in the so many cuckold categories that made me realize I am just naturally a cuckold and turned on by my wife having sex with others no matter the cost. What sick person thinks it is hot if their wife gets pregnant by another man? The humiliation, the questioning lingers from others thinking the child doesn’t look like me, the constant reminder of her consensual infidelity, divine, loving and exciting.

The fantasy is even more hot, home caring for the house on father’s day, the day after our Anniversary.

Fantasies are funny, more so cuckold fantasies. Another naughty thought enters my head as I write that last sentence. Her being ravished by another man for our anniversary maybe even Valentines day too, could be the gift to give a filthy husband every holiday lol.

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