I Am Lost In Her

I fell in love with my wife the first time I laid eyes on her, I knew right then if I ever had the chance I would marry her. Everything about her turned me on. I am lost in her, not just in the moment, but forever and always.

I may be a sub, I may be a cuck, but I also am a man who doesn’t back down from a challenge. I wouldn’t be as successful as I have been or married to a woman like here.

Prior to me, my wife was in an abusive relationship. I don’t know all the details. From what I understand her husband at the time openly slept with other woman, openly cheated on her. My wife was allowed to also be with other women, something she has enjoyed doing in her past. The problem was he was in it for himself, not for her.

When she started to tell me about this relationship prior to us getting married I would tell her it makes no sense. If he is allowed to be with other women she should be allowed to fuck as many guys as she wants. I encouraged her to to be the strong woman she is.

It’s funny, I never thought about it until writing this. How my honesty must of sounded. I didn’t know I was a cuckold then and I didn’t know I was telling her if she was with me, that would be allowed. It is funny because I know men she has been with while married to me have told her “if you were mine, noone else would touch you”. I never told her that. I never wanted that.

I get jealous of course, but it’s part of what makes it exciting to me. She has me ,that is willing to give her a little of the freedom back that you have when you are singe, but it also turns me on so much. I want her to have me and have more.

I am sure she never thought about it either, she just wanted me and I wanted her. I love her more than the world. We were both very sexual, both far from vanilla.

My wife can fuck, not just that but she loves to fuck, she loves cock.

She gets off on being used.

It was a long journey for me to realize that I also get off on her being used, being a slut, when she cuckolds me, it sexually fulfilling for both of us because it gives me that too. I love these moments, I love being the cuckold husband.

I love having a hotwife, a sexual being that can be her true self…… my sexy little hot slut forever!

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