Is Cuckolding Good For Marriage

I can’t speak to all marriages, I can only speak for my own. My wife and I both were very sexually adventurous from the start of our relationship. Our early dates were hot and we had sex in so many places, public and private. Her sexual appetite matched mine. Yes we were new lovers and for some this is a common initial flame. It was for us a sexual desire and the love of soulmates.

I can’t explain it but prior to her I was a very jealous type. I have had my jealous moments while with her but always have been turned on by her sexuality and us both wanting to feed it with more. She is my sex goddess, built to be fucked and damn she looks so sexy when she is being ravished by a bull. She brought out the voyeur in me and it fit well with her exhibitionist side.

She brought out the cuckold in me. A burning flame, a desire for my wife to be sexual with others without any guilt, remorse or shame. I allow the slut in her to come out and play when she so desires, to fulfill her fantasies, to feel the newness of cock, to be submissive, to be a fuck toy for men when she chooses.

Has cuckolding been good for our marriage? It has been great for our marriage. We both love our sexuality, we like to dress sexy, act sexy and play sexy. When we are not playing with others we are a couple in love, live a very normal life with a house and kids. When the sun goes down and the kids go to sleep we play, we make love, we fuck, we fantasize about introduce toys, imaging her taking a big cock, a superior cock. We talk dirty, we tease…. well she teases me. I have a small dick, she loves it so much and I love her. She craves the filling of having her pussy full. I crave the same. We cum together so hard, sometimes when I’m not even inside of her. That is sexual excitement and fulfillment far beyond a normal night of sex.

When she does play, we play out our kinks. She dresses sexy in clothing I purchase. She goes out and gets oh so fucked oh so screaming earth shattering well. I vicariously get a tremendous amount of pleasure out of knowing it. My excitement leaks cum.

Sometimes she gets fucked oh so fucking well, deep and hard, stretched and full, in ways I can never fuck her, all right in front of me. I am proud of her, I love her sluttiness our sluttiness. Sometimes her Bulls like to dominate me…. not all them. So I lick her pussy while she gets fucked, they see my submissiveness and get off that they fuck my wife better, get off that I’ll suck their cock and eat their cum from my wife’s pussy. My wife and I get off on it just as much!

It can be hard at times, more so early on when you don’t understand or can’t accept that you are a true cuckold. That the sexiness described above turns you on no matter how hard it is at first. You weren’t conditioned by society to desire your wife to fuck other men. You were conditioned to believe that is wrong and you should be upset she is cheating on you. Cuckolds knos it is not cheating though, it is a gift their wife is giving them. No matter their conditioning from society, they can’t help but to be turned on by being cuckolded. It is something natural within them. To them even cheating is hot! Once accepted it is a weight off your shoulder and you can enjoy it fully. It will also allow you to possibly enjoy other similar kinks.

Is cuckolding good for marriage? As great as licking another man’s cum out of your wife’s pussy! It is heavenly, exciting, erotic, thrilling, loving, fulfilling. All boundaries of your love set aside for sexual pleasure hers and yours. All doors open and communication honest. After all if your wife can fuck whomever she wants it makes communication about everything pretty open.

I personally could never imagine having a vanilla sex life again, I like it spicy, I like the variety it brings to our relationship. It works because she love me and even when she cuckolds me I am hers and she is mine.

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