Queen Of Spades

I read a lot of erotic stories mostly about cuckolding…. kidding…. all have elements of cuckolding :). Lately I have been on interracial kick. White wives getting fucked by a black cock and then being hooked and craving more and more until they get a tattoo. A queen of spades.

These women in the stories are so hooked on black cock they will fuck any cock whenever a black man wants to fuck them.

It is very erotic watching your wife be fucked by a big black cock, mostly because of the the contrast of colors as well as the dominance. It is a popular fantasy. When we first started cuckolding many of the early men we would seek out was us on the hunt for BBC.

My wife and I play with people of all races and have found fun dominant very hung men in all races. In literature though interracial cuckold stories are very hot and hit a lot of the pain points I love so much such as small penis humiliation, submissive male, eager slutty wife looking for more.

I feel that many of the stories do very well capturing the essence of cuckolding. Mostly I read books but today I found this story. This guy has a lot of great post and his images are so hot! I think I may ask him to create on that looks like my sexy wife :).

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