Cuckold Humiliation A Naughty Story

I was pretty turned on last night, so I was online chatting with this self proclaimed bull online. He is pretty funny and is into dominating wives husbands. For some reason I like how he talks shit about me.

His tone is harsh he calls me a little bitch and tells me he bets that excites my little clit. He has me send him pictures, never with my face in them. I don’t know him and he doesn’t know me it is an online fantasy that is being played out. Him my wife’s dominant bull making me submit to him.

He has me tell him how I need him to fuck my wife with his big 8 inch cock. He knows my penis is dripping cum from the submissiveness of it.

I know he is in the DC area so it reminds me of this guy Alpha she used to fuck in DC. He never interacted with me but again this is all online fantasy.

He then tells me bitches like me need their cunt filled just like their wives. He tells me to get a toy and put it in my sissy cunt. If he was here, he would have both me and my wife side by side and fuck us both. She would know who the man is.

I don’t know why this shit turns me on but it does. It is so hot thinking about. He then tells me to send a picture to my wife so she can see what a slut her husband is. Her submissive husband.


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