How can I be the best cuckold husband?

While we have been forced to stay at home I have been thinking more and more about this. To be the best cuckold husband you need to accept your desires are out of your control and the same with how your wife precedes to fulfill her own fantasies and yours. You need to give up some control and this in itself is being submissive.

When we started the picture on the left does well describing the emotions of cuckolding. You have these fantasies and these desires that make your wife so hot and sexy to you. Then she cuckolds you and it is like a roller coaster as you start to wonder why you would be turned on by this perfect female woman to having sex with other men. You can get scared and want it to stop. After all she is yours and you don’t want to lose her. But to want her to stop is a complete lie.

It is interesting dynamic because you get off on being submissive and supporting your wife in exploring her sexuality with a more dominant male who can also make her feel the joys of being submissive. You could say putting her pleasure first but for me she is putting both of our pleasures first giving us both amazing sexual pleasures.

I think to be the best cuckold husband you first need to accept it and not lie about who you are. You need to be extra supportive in her extra marital affairs and enjoy the ride she is also giving you. Also you need to give her time to be a hotwife. That means time to go get her hair and nails done, go shopping at the mall, go out to gyms and bars and to go out on dates and nights out with other men all while you take care of the home, the kids if you have them.

Then when she comes back you need to devour your reward as a cuckold, your wife.

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