What is the difference between a cuckold and a bisexual?

I read this question on a forum and I found it interesting. I think the obvious difference is you can be bi-sexual and not want to be cuckolded and you can also have cuckold fantasies but not want to be sexual with another man.

Many of the answers in the forum talk about the two being entirely different. Bisexuality is a matter of sexual orientation. Cuckolding is a lifestyle/sexual behavioral choice.

I actually disagree with that answer. I feel that cuckolding is also a sexual orientation. I did not choose to be turned on by my wife having sex with other men, it is just the way I am wired. You can also say that bisexuality is a behavior choice, I believe that has been a religious argument to homosexuals for hundreds of years. I don’t believe either are a choice. There are only choices to indulge or not too. Obviously I am a fan of indulging in sexual desires as long as they aren’t hurting anyone.

I had bisexual experiences prior to meeting my wife. When we first started cuckolding I did not think about those bisexual experiences at all, in fact none of them consciously played a roll in my desires and fantasies to have my wife have sex with other men. I was attracted to her strong sexuality.

That said, those experiences must of guided us a long the way subconsciously. An example is I have always been turned on by MFM threesomes and women gangbangs. I have never had the desire to be with two women at the same time. I did and do have desires for my wife to be with two men at the same time. I shared those fantasies and she was open to exploring them.

I have never been attracted to men the way I am to my wife and the way I have been to women prior to my wife. My wife’s sexuality though allowed me to explore both being a cuckold and having more bisexual experiences. Bisexuality is much more accepted as women, you see this in the swinger lifestyle. I would argue there is a lot more bisexual men, and given the opportunity a lot of men willing to explore bisexual play. Not all of course.

For us it works. My wife is turned on by me being open to be with men sexually and I love watching or knowing she is being ravished by another man. The thing is it doesn’t have to be one or the other every-time. My wife has played with other men without me, told me about it, teased me about it and rewarded me for being excited about it, that is being a cuckold. We have also had amazing threesomes where I didn’t sexually do anything directly with the other male but both us males were comfortable enough to put her pleasure in front and be okay with some male, male contact. I would say these were just threesome experiences – not cuckolding or bisexual. We have also had swinger experiences that also were not cuckolding or bisexual… well maybe a little female bisexual play.

We have had a threesome or two where I directly and purposely had sexual contact with the male. Her and I have sucked cock together, I have licked her pussy and his cock while they fuck and I have consumed both of their cum and enjoyed it. This I would say in our circumstance was a bi-sexual threesome with some cuckolding elements as my wife and I were both submissive to the male.

Then I have been with men just by myself which were strictly bisexual experimentation.

Cuckolding in the media or online has a lot of information about creampie eating, submitting to the bull and sucking his cock and so on. Obviously these fantasies work better if you are bi-sexual. I am sure this is some part where this question came from. There is another side of cuckolding though where the women chooses to cuckold her husband, it is her fantasy, she wants to have an open relationship and some of these women, from what I read get off on dominating their husbands. I imagine this works for many and bi-sexual play also is not included, more of acceptance of having a slutty wife or not accepting it and moving on.

Last, I won’t go too into it but you have another title Sissy Cuckold. This would be a bi-sexual male, who also desires being cuckolded but even more so understands or wants to understand what it feels like being the slutty female. This is even a more of a win win for the female.

2 thoughts on “What is the difference between a cuckold and a bisexual?

  1. Hello,
    I think my husband is bi curios or even maybe bisexual, I know from things he has mentioned in the past that he would be happy for me to have another man because he can no longer satisfy me himself. We love each other and that will never change so I wanted some more info about cuckolding so we can both explore together, I’m pretty sure he will be into this and it does kind of make me feel excited too.
    Would appreciate any info you can give and how I can bring this up with my husband without him getting upset or hurt.

    Thank you I advance


    1. Thank you for you comment. I have responded in a new post. I think if you are open and honest with him you don’t have to worry about hurting him. Also sometimes getting upset is just someone dealing with challenges they are going through. Build off the excitement you both have. I hope you keep me updated because I am so excited for you! You are going to be a Hot Wife. So exciting and fun exploring your own sexuality.



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