I Love Her Naughty Side

I never really understood my cuckolding desires. My fear over the years was pressuring my wife to fulfill my fantasies when she didn’t want to. I would never want to do that, I love her too much, she is mine and my everything. I do know she deserves a big cock even as much cock as she wants but I enjoy the experience so much with her.

I was reading a good article that attraction is not a choice. It brings up an analogy of pretending you are back in the day when we were hunters and gatherers, and you have a mate. One day though, you find your mate having sex with someone else. If your primary response is one of hurt/sadness/anger/fear, you obviously won’t be in the mood to go and try to have sex her. But, let’s pretend that you’re evolutionarily wired such that your primary response is sexual. Let’s be fucking honest, I don’t have to pretend. You’ll naturally have the urge to immediately go and have sex with her. Now, which response would increase the probability of your genes being passed on?

Answer: obviously the scenario in which you get in line to inseminate your mate. Maybe the reason we have two unplanned kids we love lol. And in case you have trouble buying all this, it bears mentioning that the male penis is anatomically designed in such a way that it displaces and scrapes out other fluid (semen) that would be in the vagina, clearing the way for your own semen. Males who responded sexually to seeing their partner having sex with someone else were more likely to be successful at reproducing compared to the males who didn’t respond sexually. Why? Because the men who responded sexually went and mated with their partner immediately after the stranger was done. This upped their odds of successfully reproducing (passing their genes on). And thanks to evolution, what makes you more likely to reproduce gets passed on. Part of me can’t help but also get turned on by the fact, maybe the first guy won!! I’m a bit naughty.

Some people prefer vanilla ice cream to chocolate. Others vice versa. Some people prefer Asian women. Others prefer Caucasian women. Some men are attracted to feet. Others are attracted to armpits. So let me ask you a question: do you ever remember choosing what you wanted to be attracted to?

Of course not. The question is loaded because when it comes to attraction, or affinity, or preference, choice simply doesn’t play a role. Nobody chooses what flavor of ice cream they’re going to like, just like nobody chooses what sexually turns them on.

I am so grateful I am to be with a woman as sexually open as my wife is. We’ve explored a lot of really fun things. Sometimes I worry that deep down she may think I’m odd or perverse or some kind of sexual deviant—sometimes I wonder that myself! I mean, I haven’t entirely wrapped my mind around it all, but I can’t help it; it’s not like I’m choosing for it to be a hot idea to me, just like you don’t really choose what flavors of ice cream you wind up liking and not liking.

Anyway I am lucky to be with a woman that has a naughty slutty side. As I write this she has the hottest short shorts, a sexy crop top that has her tits perfectly shaped. I just want to take her and fuck her, but then there is this side of me that thinks it would be fun for her to go out to a bar, or meet a guy on tinder or bumble and go to their house wearing what she is. It turns me on so much thinking about her being naughty. How much guys are attracted to her like I am.

As my blog is properly titled I have craving to experience the slutty naughty parts of my wife untethered. I love the thrill, angst and elation surge, and even sometimes the humiliation by the way my wife finds sexual gratification outside of our marriage.

She is my sexual goddess and it has been amazing the adventures we have had and being lucky enough to be with a woman who has a slutty side, and craving to experience that side of her in a way that breaks all the rules. It is because our relationship is intimate, trusting and we have a strong love for each-other. It is so thrilling, scary, and satisfying when we cross into cuckolding territory together.

The truth is I have this attraction I don’t understand, but I also just love exploring sexuality with my wife.

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