Social Penetration

I can’t wait for the day Social Distancing goes away and we can return to social penetration. My wife free to be naughty again like the hotwife she is.

We were recently reading a book called Dream Come True by Matthew Lee. About a dream come true for a wife and husband opening up their marriage for the wife to enjoy sexual pleasure by other men. My wife gets so wet when she reads these books. I just know she gets turned on thinking about being naughty. I am not sure if it is the sexual freedom that turns her on or something else?

I am so grateful she is this sexually open with me, it turns me on so much! I love when she taunts me about it, how naughty she can be, how she needs bigger cock than I have. It makes me so hard and I love her so much more when she is cock crazy.

I like talking about this stuff with her. She will always be mine, and I love her so incredibly much. I’m also so grateful she has a slut in side of her, it turns me on so much.

When this is all over, maybe even a little before, I like to fantasize about her enjoying social penetration and abandoning social distancing.

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