The Winery

I’ve been thinking about my wife’s naughty side a lot the last week. It is truly one of the top things that I love about her when she is naughty she is so hot to me! This is one of so many reasons I love having a hotwife and being a cuckold.

I was thinking back to this time we were at a winery meeting a potential sexual partner for my wife. It was pretty surreal though because even though it was arranged it felt like it could have happened as a random night out together.

It still is one of my favorite cuckolding experiences. Don’t get me wrong I love them all and probably could call each my favorite!

We arrived at the small winery together her and I. Hand in hand, cuddling close and kissing with excitement the night would bring. My wife is a goddess, I am so lucky be with a woman like her, guys would kill to be with a woman like her because her slutty side is one of the most sexually appealing qualities any woman could have. She was wrapped in a short form fitting light pink dress that flaunted her unrivaled curves, her strong body and perfect ass.

When my wife and I walked into the winery, it was no different than any night out with my sexy wife. I observed all eyes on her, men taking an extra moment to look her over, waiters eagerly coming up to welcome us, men glancing at her curved body and ass. We were together at the tasting bar, when Tim gave her those same looks, as he made friendly conversation with us and blatantly flirted and stared at my wife. He was a bold Alpha male, tall, probably in his mid-forties, about a decade older then both of us at the time. He was wearing a plain tight v-neck tee, showing off his fit body, tucked into a pair of blue jeans.  He was a good looking man, a full head of brown hair with specs of grey. He sipped his wine as he confidently flirted with my wife and made friendly conversation with me. We talked about my hobbies and he told me about how he enjoyed racing cars. I liked this guy; I could picture us being buddies as his interests were inline with ours. I could tell by how my wife looked him over, by how she smiled at him and engaged with him that she thought he was hot. She was making it clear it was okay for him to flirt with her in front of me. She has a talent for showing she is available for the taking, even when she is with me. God it makes her so hot to me.

It was so taboo, the sight of my wife wrapped in an embrace with another man, the two of them only inches from me. I briefly felt a sharp pang of jealousy, but it was quickly overcame with the erotic thrill and sexual turn on of seeing what was unfolding in front of me – my wife, in public, kissing another man. I could see the surrounding patrons staring; maybe I was imagining it, but probably not. Our waiter, the bartenders, the couple behind us, the group in front of us who were now whispering to each other and looking back to us. I felt nervous, a little humiliated, and socially awkward but very turned on with the proof of hardness rising in my pants.  It is exciting watching my wife make-out with another guy in public, in front of me, in front of others. We had never done this, met a man at a public place that quickly led to a show of public affection. It felt naughty, so wrong by many people’s standards, but also so right for us.

I can tell you that every man at the winery wanted her at this moment. Pure sexual confidence taking what she wanted even in front of her cuckold husband.

As they broke their kiss, she turned towards me with bright eyes and a wicked smile. She rubbed my leg to ensure I was okay, she leaned in and kissed me on the lips and made out with.  Her mouth tasted different than usual, coming right from another’s kiss. She was completely in the moment. Unlike me she was not aware of the stares of the women sitting in front of us, she was not observing her surrounding at all – or maybe she just didn’t care. It was clear to us and all observing that this hot sexy blond at the winery tonight was with two men, physically, sexually and mentally, and she was fine with the world knowing it.  

My wife pulled away from our kiss giving me that same mischievous smile and told me I should go to the shop and buy a couple bottles of wine to take home with us, to enjoy and remember the night. She made no attempt to leave his side and join me, it was clear she wanted a private moment as she leaned her body up against his chest and rubbed her left hand on his thighs as she curled comfortably up against him. Tim rubbed his hands on her sexy body as he looked at me with an appreciative smirk. 

It felt like it took an eternity for the bartender to ring up two bottles of wine.  I tried to hurry him as much as possible, eager to return to the excitement outside. Returning outside to the patio I could see my wife and her new lover had lost all inhibitions as they sat at a table in each others arms making out passionately, with their hands all over each others bodies. They had no concern about the people around them or me as they openly fondled each other for sexual pleasure, showing off an intense display of public affection. They were willfully embracing their passion and attraction for one another. This man and all who were watching knew he had claimed my wife tonight.  As I walked up, they slowly broke their kiss. She stayed in his arms as she looked at me with a sexual gaze in her eyes and said “lets take this party back to his home”. As they both stood, My wife got in the middle of us and took both of our hands as we walked out of the winery together, as a MFM couple. I like to imagine there were wives who wished they were in her position, leaving to go get fucked by two men, both physically fit, both over 6 foot tall. I imagine the women gazing at the three of us found themselves daydreaming about what it would feel like to have two cocks slide inside and out of them at the same time, to be shared by two lovers with each mans full attention on their pleasures. To be shared by their husband.

My wife owns this sexual freedom and happiness, being fulfilled and desired outside of her married bed, outside of her home, away from her two young children. I could never love a woman more! She gives me cuckold cravings.

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