Plump Lips

My wife had a dream her and I had our lips done. Very plump, very sexy, sultry.

It’s funny because I have been thinking lately for the last few months how I wanted to have my lips done. I’m a little obsessed with lips. I obsoletely love my wife’s lips. Mine are thin. I have been taking care of them with an aggressive lip regiment all year though. Lip scrubs, lip balm and glosses and pumpers. I absolutely love the plumping glosses, soft lips, but not really the results I dream of.

My journey into make-up has been an interesting one. Starting with light shades and as NOONE HAS EVER said anything when I where make-up I guess I have just built more confidence rocking it out.

I bet my wife and I would look pretty hot sucking a cock with big fat lip injections, hopefully it would be a big fat cock too! Wonder if that was in her dream 😉

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