The Players

The Cuckold

The cuckold is most likely the guy who set the players into motion. Insecure about his sexuality but confident in his relationship. He wanted her to cuckold him, wanted it in the worse way and that scared the absolute fuck out of him.

To him it is not natural for a married man to want his wife to cheat on him. His mind doesn’t realize yet, it is not cheating when it is his desire and pleasure as well as his wife’s. He will always be a cuckold and better accept it.

His sexual insecurities could come from many deep rooted reasons. Maybe you’re the kind of man that cums to quick. Maybe you’re not masculine and you feel weak, and feel that your wife deserves a real man. Maybe you like the humiliation, how it plays with your mind mentally and how physically the thought is arousing. Maybe you are like me. In a way cuckolding flatters me. It is my wife men are flirting with, I’m the one that has her, the one that shares a home with her. I find it a turn on. Guys hitting on my wife, fucking my wife. Maybe like me you are tall and strong in stature, but hidden away below you are small and thin, like a pencil. It is not that my dick is not real, it is very real, it is small, something we have accepted, something my wife always knew. If you look at the best selling chastity devise it is the CB6000 there is also a smaller version a whole inch smaller the CB6000s. It is a gut check when even the smaller version doesn’t even come close to fitting, can’t even be warn, too large. Even more humbling when you think about who these devises are made for? Submissive, small endowed men.

I used to struggle with angst. I am my wife’s husband, how is she supposed to love me if she thinks I’m a cuckold. The fact is she loves men, god knows she likes a big hard cock inside of her when she can get it, just like any other red blooded woman. But she loves me her most tender sweet passionate lover she has ever had, and could ever imagine having.

They say there are stages of acceptance. I never denied to myself my cuckold feelings nor did I deny them to my wife. But when the other player entered the picture, clarifying what I already deep down knew, I got angry. How could I want this, need this. It hurt seeing the difference sexually yet it gave me the greatest sexual memories and I only wanted more. I bargained with my wife and myself to get more. Then came the forth player. True acceptance.

The Hotwife

The hotwife is a beautiful sexual female. Strong, confident, slutty, liberated. She loves sex. She also loves her husband. Her husband worships her. She never asked to be a hotwife, although one could argue she was born one. She may have found years later she married a male that couldn’t completely sexually satisfy a single primal need women have, she may have cheated on him, statistics would be in her favor. She married a different kind of male though. One that wanted to continue to let her be liberated as a female. One that gets off on her sexuality, gets off that she is not a one cock kind of girl. A guy that would submit to her sexually, be there for her no matter what. With open communication and honesty the wife and cuckold found each other and born was not just a damn sexy woman, but now married and hot!

She could never be in a long term relationship with a man, never. She is too attracted to the softness, the submission, the femininity of you. Men are too harsh, too masculine, too alpha. She doesn’t want that day to day; it would drive her crazy, it would be too confining, trapping her. She really really loves what she gets from a guy like you, the emotions, the massages, the cuddling, your mouth on her pussy, help around the house with dishes, laundry cleaning, taking care of the children. For the same reason, ironically. Because men are harsh and masculine and alpha. Because they are strong and muscular. The things that make men terrible to be in a relationship, day to day, make them amazing in bed. This is the same for me. This is why I fantasize about her with an alpha man. The physical and emotional. This type of male simply emphasizes how feminine we both are.

Alpha Males

I am different then alpha males, and I know myself being male most of them are similar. They  are not bad and they are right for many women, sexually they are right for all women, that is why females are know to date bad men like these guys. They are not right as a lifelong partner to a dominant women, a liberated women. These males wouldn’t allow this. I’m sure this is partly what makes me different, why she loves me so much. 

I didn’t know whether to be angry and jealous with her, like any real man would, or excited at the thought of a real man’s cock inside of her. It makes me excited imagining her fucking a man like this. The sexual excitement I can’t describe, more powerful than anything I’ve ever experienced. It drives me wild thinking about a man’s cock filling her. No matter what, no matter how strange, perverse, weird, outlandish. I can’t deny it, I can’t deny the powerful orgasms I have had simply THINKING about her fucking a man. I can’t deny the heat, the excitement, the passion I get from her cuckolding me. Not even if I wanted to, really wanted to

So I can’t speak for all cuckolds. I can tell you if you are dealing with acceptance, there is nothing to be mad about, nothing. It’s okay, really. You know you can’t give your wife everything sexually. Whether you are small in size, not masculine, whatever the reason, you know it, and all you’re doing is accepting that and selflessly wanting her to be happy.

That’s the difference between cuckolding and swinging. That is what makes the fantasy so powerful. Mentally, you’re not being replaced, instead, you’re allowing the woman you love to experience something you can’t give her. That is what makes it so powerful, it’s an act of love, of allowing her to experience something different from you. 

Cuckolding is not for the average man, no but neither is being a sissy, but what’s certainly more normal is for one to accompany the other. 

The Sissy

So here is our forth player in the relationship. The sissy.

So many years of not understanding or fearing I was being selfish wanting her to cuckold me, really I was confident with a want to give her the gift of absolute sexual satisfaction with me and others. Then she put me in panties, then I dressed in lingerie. How exquisite a garter belt and stockings feel. With each step you feel the garter straps tug at the light black nylon encasing your legs, a very subtle but very real reminder that you’re not only wearing hosiery, but the most feminine of hosiery, a garter belt and silk stockings. Each step did more, though, it reminded me of something much more significant. Each step, each and every step one after the other, quietly, softly, reminded me that while I was born a boy, I was most certainly not fully a man. Each step. Each tug. Each whisper of nylon. I wasn’t a woman and I wasn’t a man dressing as a woman, I was something different, something unique. I had warn women’s clothing before but not with the acceptance of my wife.

A feeling of naturalness, of normality. As if deep inside, something felt right not wrong. I am not saying all cuckolds are sissy’s. Two simple acts of wearing women’s clothing and sucking my wife’s bulls cock, helped make everything make sense to me. I was being myself, there is no reason to be angry about it, there is no reason to fear it. I was being myself and my wife still loves me more than the world and she happily can cuckold me knowing it is okay, because it works well as part of her relationship with me.

A sissy, a tender soft, feminine lover, a sweet lover, doing what she wants. It makes sense, emotionally when you think about it. Isn’t that the best sex we have? The times I’m not worried about fucking her like an alpha male, when I’m not worried about being a man, making her cum when I’m inside her. It’s like the best orgasms.. the times I make her so hot and wet are those times when the focus is pleasing her. Going down on her, rubbing clits with her, using toys on her, reading cuckolding stories of men ravishing women like her, like I’m serving her and it is fucking amazing.

Yet again there is a a single primal need missing, the need for dominance, the need for an big alpha male cock, the need for cuckolding.

One thought on “The Players

  1. This was so spot on. Your description is so correct regardless if you have actually been made a cuckold or not. You have captured the deep emotional feelings.


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