A Sissy Cums Differently

A big thick, caramel skin cock thrusts inside of her, in and out. The heat of her body radiating on the phallic piece of flesh that is rocking her body, stretching her and filling her, pushing screams of pleasure out of her. She is cock crazed as she always is when being fucked by a slab of meat this size. She doesn’t get it often but when she does she craves it!

As she is being fucked riding on top her hand is behind her rubbing her husbands dick. Small in comparison, she is circling her hand on it bringing him close to the brink of an orgasm at the same time as her. Husband and wife shaking in orgasm, both minds and bodies being fucked together.

I’m squirting cum as she slams down onto the strap-on I am wearing . She shakes and pulses cums so hard, the perfect orgasm for her and me. A sissy cums differently.

It was one of our first nights so many years ago, the first night we would have sex. She rode on top of me as she grabbed a bottle of lubricant and poured it all over both of us. Our bodies slid together as we rubbed each-other and fucked. I didn’t know I was a submissive then, didn’t know she would be the women to cuckold me. I did know it was the greatest sexual experience I had ever had, her taking control and fucking me. I knew I was in love and I would worship this woman the rest of my life. I didn’t even know then what being submissive was, I didn’t know anything about cuckolding or being a sissy or that these were things I would desire. I desired her sexual appetite, I desired this strong dominant woman.

Did she know I was different when she met me? I have never asked her. I’m sure she new I was a little different but never quite understood how I was different. I’ve always been a passionate lover with her and been there for her.

I am not always a sissy. In my everyday life I am a normal guy just like every other guy doing there thing. Working, doing man chores, playing sports with the kids, even just having a quick spontaneous fuck with my wife.

There are times though I am a sissy. I sit in the hallway and listen to my wife and an alpha male fuck, hear her screams, her moans her pleasure. I drip wetness and cum without touching myself. I’ve cum so many times from not penetrative sex, often when I masturbate I don’t stroke my cock but just rub myself to an orgasm.

Dressed in nylon, sexy lingerie and make-up. My wife and I make love, soft and passionate, rubbing each-others bodies together. Rubbing the tip of myself against her clit bringing us both to full body orgasms without any penetration, like two girls. I love this type of sex, it feels natural and caring to me.

Caged, body smooth, I wrap my hands around his warm thick cock. Hesitant, scared, confused yet craving a taste as I look at my wife who leans over and takes him into her mouth, deepthroats him before encouraging me to take a turn. Back and forth we compete to have him in our mouth. Together we lick up and down his shaft sharing kisses and the taste of his pre-cum. He is ready to fuck her, I take his cock back into my hand and guide it into her pussy as she lowers onto his manhood, gasping from the fullness she feels. I watch mesmerized, in aw of her sexual abilities and in aw of his endowment and dominance. The first orgasm rocks her body. My mind gets rocked and I lean in for a taste. I lick her pussy and when his cock slides out I suck his cock. They are getting earth-shattering pleasure from penetrating and being penetrated. I am getting the same amount of pleasure by submitting to them. What would it be like to be penetrated by him? I can’t help but think. From her response it must be fucking amazing, I am so happy she gets to experience it. A night of wild sex, alpha fucking vixen. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I may join in or I may not, either way a sissy cums differently. Either licking her pussy clean of his cum and having her rub me until I shake and squirm in orgasmic pleasure, or I lick her clean and then she rides me for a minute or two that feels like an eternity as I cum, pale in comparison to the hours she has just been fucked.

She cums so hard when feeding me her lovers cum. Hotwife’s sometimes cum differently too.

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