Funny Sissy Things

My wife will love this!!! Are you an alpha guy? Have you ever looked at a women like the one above and didn’t think about anything sexual with her since you were paying more attention to her leggings and bra and think to yourself in your head, “where did she get that outfit?” Then you go and search for it to either purchase it for yourself or your wife? LOL I doubt it!

Well some of my wife’s favorite clothing brands and styles over the years have happened because of this. I will never forget seeing a pair of freddy jeans and thinking to myself “those are so hot!”. I then searched for the logo forever online until I found it and got my wife a pair.

This is a funny feminine thing! It happens to me all the time except I am not brave enough to just say “oh my god I love those pants, where did you get them” like a normal female would do. I notice all sorts of things on women. I will look at their make-up and think to myself, how did she do that with her eyes? Wow she does such a good job with her make-up. I did work up the nerve one day, yes one. This girl had amazing eye shadow, super glittery, she was a checkout clerk. I told her, I love your eye shadow. On the outside I think I’m a pretty masculine male. I could tell I made her day and she said that means so much especially coming from a man.

So my wife had an important professional engagement that she needed to look perfect for. She has a tone of hot clothing! Just not anything for the specific occasion. She also needed to get her hair done. Damn I don’t have hair! So I jumped on the opportunity to go find and purchase her outfit. It was so much fun. If you read my blog you already know I love shopping. She loved what I picked out and she looked amazing in it. No I am not going to try on that outfit, it is perfect for her hot sexy body.

A sissy is different, it is not gay and obviously is not straight either. More of an interest in femininity. Just funny little things that when you are aware will make you smile.

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