Liberated Wife

This is an interesting concept that many don’t understand and can be a little shocking for a wife. But for a cuckold or a stag this is correct. When my wife first had sex with another man outside of our marriage she described her thoughts.

“I couldn’t believe what I was doing.  I was nervous but extremely aroused. I was excited with my new “freedom”, but also found my head spinning with a million questions.  Why was he doing this? Did he somehow not care about me? Did he want to sleep with some other woman and this was his way to get permission?  Was this some outrageously elaborate test to see if I was really a faithful wife?”

Over the years we have had wonderful cuckolding experiences and we have also been to swinger parties and swinger resorts. I have had sex with other women, very few though during these encounters. Yes it was fun and pleasurable but not the same. Not as fun and pleasurable as watching or just knowing my wife is getting mindlessly fucked by a hard thick cock.

For me I am happy to be faithful. The arousal I feel when I am being cuckolded is far more pleasurable than I ever feel being with others myself. It really can’t even compare. I’d choose being cuckolded every-time.

So for the woman that enjoys sex with others and has a cuckold husband, it is a win, win. Together we get to share in a mutual sexually fulfilling experience for both of us.

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