My most popular post over the years on this blog and my old tumblr blog are about acceptance. I understand this. Like me I am sure many thousands of men, cuckolds and wannabe cuckold do google searches on cuckold acceptance. Searching for a reason why they have these fantasies, why they get turned on by having liberated wife’s who have sex with other men.

I know I did and sometimes still do. I wrote about in a recent post about letting go of your inhibitions and the role of social inhibitions . A subconscious avoidance of a situation or social interaction. Avoided because of the possibility of others disapproving of your feelings or expressions.

Myself, I was raised in a religious household. Men did not cheat on their wife’s and wife’s did not cheat on their husbands. You marry and are tied to a lifetime of sex with you wife in a monogamous marriage. If you experimented with men you were a fag, if you tried on women’s clothing you were a queer. We called other kids these names and my parents spoke negatively of alternative sexuality. I also was raised playing sports where I was supposed to be tough, if I cried I was a whimp. As you age as a boy jocks start talking about fucking girls. “I put my big cock in her”, “I fucked that slut”.

I had a recent reader write me and ask “What do you think is the the most change when a hubby realizes he is a sissy?”

Well we could argue calling a guy like me a sissy is no different than the negative terminology like above, same as a cuckold. A better description would be a more feminine man although I also like some humiliation and teasing so I like the words sissy and cuckold.

So what is the most change when a hubby realizes he is a sissy?

I can only speak for myself. I think like many things in life finding yourself is a process and ever changing. When I realized I was a sissy, it was comforting. Unlike cuckolding I was able to put the dots together from a very young age. Memories I suppressed flooded my mind and are still coming back to me.

Feeling my moms nylons. Trying on my high-school girlfriends thong, purchasing sexy clothing for all my girlfriends throughout life. A knack and enjoyment for women’s fashion. Ordering women’s clothing so I could try them on. Steeling women’s clothing so I could feel them and wear them. Now a lot of that is about crossdressing.

I also feel I was angsty and angry and suppressed my submissiveness and tried to be the strong jock. You know you can still be a pretty awesome athlete and not be a dick at the same time. I didn’t relate to guys who “had big cock”, “fucked the slut”, “dominated women”, and other male banter, although I did have my own slutty moments.

In a lot of ways I think sexually like a woman, although more of the slutty type. I have always been more impressed with women sexually then I have with men. If I was a girl I would have a lot of sex with men, dominant men and this is part of why I am a cuckold and am turned on by slutty women. I get it, I understand the primal nature of it. I though look at girls as powerful and sensual. I relate with their submissive nature in sex, I can not comfortably ravish them like an animal.

I have also always been attracted to very intelligent women but i used to be jealous when I was young, feared they would cheat on me, expected they would cheat on me, to a point almost wanting them to cheat on me but I was not able to channel that into my sexual desire until I laid eyes on my wife. It all started to click as she is very sexually adventurous as well.

With her there was no doubt I was inadequate in cock size yet I have never doubted her love for me for a second. No doubt she was not a 1 cock kind of lady. I have never feared her leaving me. Sure I have had my angsty moments but I was confident. I was very confident when I introduced cuckolding. It takes a confident male. I knew it was right for both of us.

Even know I was confident in our relationship, knowing I had sexual needs that are outside a monogamous marriage I did not accept it, or had a hard time accepting it. That is why I have over a thousand blog post working through my thoughts. Society norms did a number on me.

The most change when a hubby realizes he is a sissy? Pure acceptance. I am a submissive male, more feminine in ways than masculine, I am not an alpha male nor do I want to be one. I don’t have a big cock nor do I want one. I love alpha men and admire them. I believe women need them sexually and should have them, they also need a loving honest understanding man, a best friend, a true love, a girlfriend type man like myself.

It is okay for us to explore our sexuality. I have sexual needs and so does she and together we are married and are tied to a lifetime of sex with each-other just not monogamous sex. I need her to be sexual and sexually liberated, it brings me pleasure sharing it with her. She knows I’m submissive, knows I get mind-blowing pleasure from her being with other men, knows I too enjoy being used by other men. I never wanter her to cuckold me so I can have a reason to also be in an open relationship. I am happiest being a submissive cuckold. She at times felt guilty cuckolding me and I felt guilty being a cuckold. We have always just been our sexual selves. So we can be us without guilt. Which sexually is fucking amazing!!!! It is a happy sex life.

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