Owned Cuckold

Ever since he first contacted us, he told me “I am exactly what you are looking for”. He knew I was a cuckold. He knows a bit about what goes on in my head. I wanted him to fuck my wife after our first introduction. He is fit, maybe not as fit as me but he also has a big cock. It makes a difference. A girl can’t have mind-blowing animal sex with a little dick. I don’t care how ripped or handsome the guy is. He is handsome too. 

It scared me how he fucked my wife, the things she would allow him to do to her body, yet it turned me on. I wanted her to fuck this dominant bull again and again, even when the angst was hard. 

When I think about what it means to be owned it’s so simple and so complicated. It’s really twofold.  

When we entered into swinging I saw the word owned as being property. Alpha guys would say they owned my wife as they fucked her with their big ass cocks and it scared me. My mind jumped to the literal sense. I feared I would lose her to them forever, because of my own sexuality.

The fact is them and my wife owned me. They own my desires. They own my submission. I am a cuckold, getting off watching a superior sexual male fuck my wife turns me on. She having multiple orgasms, turning her cock crazed, it too is turning her on. More so because she is married to a guy that will always be there for her allowing her to experience this and come back to a secure safe loving life. Even greater connected to me by feeding my desires mentally, physically and by reconnecting with her as I clean her pussy, her loving that I still want her that much! I eat her every time. It reconnects us and binds us. 

He owns me. He could show up at our front door, with a house full of family. I would not stop him from coming in, I would not stop him if he chose to openly touch her, I would not stop him if he chose to take her to the back bedroom for sex. I guess this is the true sense of being submissive. Even if I was not happy I would not stop it. I would feel some humiliation and it would forever turn me on. Once you have had a big cock in your mouth, you’ll never stop wanting it.

He doesn’t own her because she has the choice. She is sexually liberated to be with him or any other guy or not. She is not a cuckold or a cheater.

Me I would eagerly let him fuck her whenever she wanted. I have been an owned cuckold ever since I had cuckold desires. Ever since she openly kissed a man at a winery and I did nothing to stop it but watched with sexual desire.

Life is a lot of work, careers, parenting, relationships. My submission is an opportunity for me to selfishly escape from my life and  my work and journey back into myself and give me something I want. I feel guilty in having someone else fulfill my desires and assist in providing me… me. So when an alpha male and my wife fuck it helps eliminate that selfish guilt I feel because I see she wants it just as me. This is one of the reasons I feel the urge to thank him when he is done and to thank my wife for providing me this pleasure I need. When I have not thanked her properly and she has felt she had done something wrong, I used to tell her just to be mean to me, put me in my place, something she didn’t want to do. I never told her she owned me. Everything she has done is perfect, even when it has been hard it is what I needed. 

With my wife I am cared for and respected. I am loved. It creates in me a sense of security and contentment like no other. It allows me to journey into my submission. To face all the scariest things I have in my closet because it allows me to open my body and my mind to the deepest of vulnerabilities. With my wife I am always safe and have purpose. Some see cuckolding as degrading, but with her it feels like the greatest honer i’ve been bestowed. Because she makes me feel confident, safe, and purposeful. Because of her I am content and happy.

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