Additions To My Fucket List

I read this quick story and I am adding this to my fucket list. Including the end.

“A slutwife. That’s what your wife said she wanted to be. She liked the idea of being a source of pleasure for men. She liked the idea of them using her body. She liked the idea of cuckolding you, making you watch it all.

That’s how she ended up here. That’s how shed ended up with two cocks in her pussy. The guy beneath her is one of her regular bulls. The guy who is fucking her from behind is her bull’s friend. She agreed to let her bull share her. She agreed to let them DP her pussy. She wanted to feel like a slut.

Now she does.

How does it make you feel to see two cocks fucking your wife’s pussy? How does it feel to see her being a slut like she wanted?

You know what you do deserve, though? You deserve to suck his balls. Get in there. Suck on those nuts. Be a slut just like your wife. Suck his tight ballsack while he and his friend fuck your wife. Run your tongue over it. Show your wife that you’re a slut.

You know what else you deserve? To clean everyone up when they’re done. Her bull’s friend is going to cum in your wife first. Then you’re going to suck his cock clean as your wife’s bull gives her a good pounding.

He’s going to cum inside her too. You’ll clean his cock like a good slut. You’ll suck all the cum off of it. Then you’ll turn to your wife’s pussy. You’ll lick up the mess the two guys left inside her. You’ll lick up every delicious drop of cum. You’ll lick it up like a good little bitch. You’ll be a slut just like she is.
They’re not going home after one orgasm, either. They’ll spit roast her. They’ll fuck her ass. They’ll use her good and then fill her with cum all over again so you can clean up. Enjoy your night, cuckold.”

I am also adding this to my fucket list.

“I’m done with her, cuck. You can get in there and clean up my load. Make sure you lick up every drop before you eat her pussy. I want my load in your stomach before you even taste her pussy. Do you understand?”

I understand. There is something interesting about porn when you are a cuckold. I imagine many guys look at porn and they think about how they would love to shoot their cum over that hot ass, or fuck the pretty porn start. I don’t see these woman at all. I only picture my wife. I can imagine in my head how hot and sexy her ass is. How I’d love to bury my face in it, kiss is, lick it, suck it, stick my cum deep into it, eat cum off of it before licking her pussy to an orgasm.

I’v added these both. It looks like I had versions of them. So I’m adding watching my wife double penetrated by two men one not including me. Eating more than one man’s creampie out of my wife at the same time. Cleaning her cum sprayed ass. LOL I sure hope these are on her Fucket List Too!!!!


  1. Receive photos of my wife being fucked during the day. Maybe with a caption like “hope this gets your little dick throbbing”
  2. Friend with benefits who comes to our house to hang out as well as have sex with us.
  3. Weekend getaway with my wife and another dominant male.
  4. Have a hot mardi gras experience in New Orleans
  5. MFM in a public place, outdoors.
  6. Play escort for my wife and lover, driving them around while they fuck in our back seat and go to bars or clubs together.
  7. Go on a sex cruise.
  8. I Read this, it sounds hot! “Have him make a mold of his own penis (search “clone a willy” in Google). Once made, have him give it a long, intricate blowjob. Then fuck his ass with it before fucking his ass with your biggest dildo. Ask him whether he feels the difference between his smaller cock and a real man’s cock.”
  9. Be in a gangbang with my wife where I’m either fluffing the other men, licking her pussy after each cock has been in her and or being fucked too.
  10. Having my wife watch a dominant male use me.
  11. Sharing another man with my wife while I am dressed as Josie
  12. Having my wife sit on my face after cuming inside her making me lick her to an orgasm while I clean myself from her pussy.
  13. Cum from being fucked by my wife with a strapon.
  14. Work up to spending a whole week in chastity and each night pleasing my wife in some way either with a strap-on, my mouth, her fucking me or her going out and getting fucked.
  15. Feel what it is like to have someone cum in my ass.
  16. Eat a creampie out of my wife’s ass.
  17. Have one of my wife’s lovers cum all over our faces.
  1. Have my wife fuck me while I suck her lovers cock
  2. Have my wife send her lover to our house to have me suck him off or send me to his house to suck him off.
  3. Going out somewhere accepting dressed up as a girl with my wife and picking up a guy to have a threesome with.
  4. My wife picking up a male at a party or bar and going home with him and telling me to go home and wait for her.
  5. Suck a random guy off that can tell I’m a cocksucker and demands I suck his cock
  6. Get a tattoo with my wife that is sexy and slutty just like her and I
  7. Being tied up and used sexually by my wife and others in a BDSM dungeon or something similar.
  8. Watching my wife double penetrated by two men one not including me.
  9. Eating more than one man’s creampie out of my wife at the same time.
  10. Cleaning her cum sprayed ass.

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