We All Cum

Understanding cuckolding can be very complex yet it can be as simple as we all cum. It is not cheating and for most cuckolds even if his wife was cheating it would be a turn on for him, that is why he is a cuckold. It turns him on having a wife who is sexually available to other men.

She gets to feel desired by other men, to dress-up and go out on dates and have amazing sex with incredibly sexy men that make her cum so hard! These may not be men she would ever consider marrying, her husband is perfect. These are men though if she was single she would fuck, if she had a cuckold husband she would fuck. These are men that will give her multiple powerful orgasms.

They make her cum over and over with their big thick cocks and she makes them cum so hard too! It is a huge turn on to many men to fuck another man’s wife, especially a sexy beautiful hotwife. So these men cum a little harder than they normally would with a single woman. They then crave her married pussy, to take her and make her theirs even if it is just for a sexual moment.

She craves their thick cocks, the animalistic sex, the penetration touching places her husband just can’t. The dominance of a man, you see her husband loves her too much to truly dominate her like an alpha bull will.

The cuckold cums too and he craves this type of sex. He may cum several times while his wife is out with another man. His mind will be full of fantasies of what might be happening to his wife at that exact moment. It turns him on and drives him crazy as he masturbates to the thought, orgasms to it. Yet the night is young, only a short amount of time passes until he finds himself rubbing his cock again at the thought of his wife out being fucked at that very moment. It turns him on, he cums again. 2 – 3 maybe even 4 times and his wife isn’t even home yet to make him cum herself.

Maybe he holds out, or maybe his wife has him caged. Either way, he is literally dripping cum in anticipation. Anticipation for her to walk back into the house, a naughty look in her eyes, her smile, her in a slight sexual daze. He wants to hear all the details, these details will make him orgasm harder than anything. She was naughty, he may get to reclaim her, making passionate love to his wife who was just fucked better by another man, he loves his wife, this is what he wants and he will fill her with his cum as a thank you. Another possibility is his wife was filled with another mans cum. She doesn’t want her husbands cock in her but wants his tongue to clean her well fucked and satisfied pussy. She wants to cum again and again while you clean her lovers creampie. As your licking her pussy, you are turned on by the thrill, by being the submissive cuckold and you too have a better orgasm as she simply just rubs your cock and talks dirty. Shooting your cum all over yourself while his drips out into your mouth.

You crave for your wife’s love, you crave for her to be fucked by a sexually superior male, you crave the stories, you crave watching her being fucked by big cock, you crave licking her lovers creampie until she cums all over your face.

In the end everyone cums and that it the beautiful thing about cuckolding.

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