Let Go Of Your Inhibitions

It feels good to just let go of your inhibitions.

My wife and I fucked each-other last night. No not like your traditional couple. As I said we fucked each-other I did not fuck her. We let go of our inhibitions and it felt amazing.

I was wearing a tight white body suite, pink mini skirt, silky smooth legs and red painted toes. I felt sexy, I felt feminine, as I looked down at my own smooth lakes I looked feminine, I looked sexy.

We kissed and made out like two sexy girls would, soft and passionate. We rubbed our crotches together. Lost in the roleplaying neither of us even felt like I had a cock, just a large clit dripping wet as it rubbed on her wet clit and pussy lips.

Then like two sexy girls, we needed cock. A pretty pink double ended dildo cock to fuck us both at the same time as we grind our bodies together. In and out of my male pussy and in and out of her female pussy our groans filled the room. Two girls lost in pleasure.

She then held still as I fucked myself against her until I came hard with her cock buried deep in me. I used to not be allowed to have this type of pleasure, because I didn’t let go of my inhibitions. The feeling that makes one self-conscious and unable to act in a relaxed natural way.

There is also social inhibition. A subconscious avoidance of a situation or social interaction. Avoided because of the possibility of others disapproving of your feelings or expressions. Like cuckolding, dressing like a girl, being a cocksucker, having a small penis or enjoying your wife fucking you for a change.

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