Chastity Cage

Well when I decided to experiment with Chastity cages many years ago it was a real kick in the balls. I already knew I was slightly below average in the you know…. down there category.

One store bought chastity after another my little guy swam in them and some even pulled right of. Even the CB-6000S the holy grail of chastity cages in the small version, yep was for well hung dudes because it didn’t come close to fitting me!

So here I was, wanting to try this chastity kink yet I was too small for any over the market cages. Now if that didn’t confirm…… that I have a small penis….. I don’t know what else could.

So I went custom made. Spent the big buck, actually my wife got it for me for my birthday to have my little guy measured and some guy across the country put to work in his fabrication shop making me a cage that fits.

This is an early picture of me in my cage. I know longer have any hair so today it looks more like this.

I know much hotter!!!!! Still I don’t wear it too often. Sometimes during the day and usually always when my wife goes for a night out without me.

I’ve been thinking since I enjoy using a strap-on and my mouth so much with my wife, as well as her cuckolding me and it seems she has better orgasms this way it might be fun to do Chastity for a full month! I think I will go crazy in lust at first after all even know small I still enjoy having sex with my wife and she likes it too. Maybe I should start with a week. Also mentally it would be hard to go without an orgasm although I am fairly confident I could cum in it if my wife rubbed me just right in it or pegged me.

There are some challenges as I am an avid runner so I would need to have a key at the house so I can take it off for running then I’d put it back on. Maybe a picture sent to my wife once it’s back on.

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