Publicly Cuckolded

Outside of swingers parties, events and adult resorts I have got to experience this 2x and it was amazing. An evening at a winery when she became openly intimate with another man and out on a date night with her and one of her lovers.

I is the ultimate act of a wife’s sexual liberation able to explore her sexuality in the open with another male while her husband watches on with support and understanding. A display of monogamy as just another instilled taboo to control her. She realizes she can have the best of both worlds, me the attentive submissive to cater to her sensual sexual nature, to provide her with everything she wants, and a lover to give her sex both her and her submissive husband craves. Since she gets the best of both worlds so do I.

My wife has always been into public sex and risky sex. I too enjoy the same and being openly cuckolded like her being taken and fucked on a private beach or in a public restroom is greatly pleasurable. I also like observing the people around as she openly cuckolds me, they knowing it is my wife kissing another man. There is of course shock in many peoples eyes, some try to look offended or laugh it off, most pay know attention, then at the same time you see the envy in many women’s eyes.

We are in love and a lot a like. I too used to envy her sexuality yet I wanted her to have it and explore it and in doing so it has helped free my sexuality and to be the sexually submissive male I have always been.

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