New Years Resolutions

The problem with being a cuckold is it takes your wife to cuckold you for you to be fully sexually satisfied. Cuckold men crave it, some are lucky to get it like I have been and some have wives that just are not into it. It has been awhile since my wife has cuckolded me, that is her choice, I love her and I am okay with it.

What I learned in 2019 is I need to be more proactive with my sexuality. I am always anticipating moments I get to enjoy my sexual submissiveness. Anticipating and hoping to be cuckolded. As much as I love being reactive when my wife cuckolds or teases me it is my New Years resolution to be more proactive.

Ideas I have:

Making some time to do chores around the house such as laundry while dressed in my maid outfit or a sexy pink skirt and pink fishnets, tall heels.

Adding more chastity time each month or week.

Spending some time wearing butt plugs weekly.

Fucking my wife more often with a stap-on.

Continuing to wear panties 24/7

Planning more adult nights out with my wife away from the kids. Sexual or fun nights doing girly things as well as normal husband and wife comedy club nights.

Being more vocal of things I would like her to do when we are having sex if the mood seems right such as choking me, spanking me, talking dirty to me, teasing me, fucking me.

More proactive encouraging nights where I dress up and we make more passionate love, soft lips, smooth bodies, slow and sensual, lots of rubbing and using toys on each-other pretending I am her female lover.

Seeing if it is fun for her not to cuckold me but to just share a cock with me, a night of MMF fun or MFF fun – Josie being the other girl 😉

2019 was such a great year sexually full of discoveries. It could not have been better. It has me thinking about all these fun things. It pays to be proactive with your sexlife after all your partner is not a mind reader.

Next post will be my updated fucket list. It is super naughty!

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