Cuckold Bonding

I did not write this but find it true and hot! I found it on tumblr a blog called lovethughtfulcollectionpainter.

Sucking cock with your wife can be a beautiful bonding experience for a cuckold. Get on your knees with her and give your bull the pleasure he craves. Show your submission to him and your loving wife. Show him what a good cuckold you are.

Don’t forget to give his balls the attention they deserve, cuckold. Lick his taint, too. If you’re feeling bold, give him a rimjob and show that you’re willing to be a slut.

This is a beautiful move. Imagine the bull looking down and seeing both you and your wife making love to his cock. Imagine the pleasure he would feel at seeing your willing submission to his dick.

It pleases your wife, too, cuckold. She’s turned on by your willingness to be a cocksucker. She’s turned on by your willingness to embrace bisexual play. She’s turned on by your willingness to submit to her desires and suck cock with her.

It’s just sex, cuckold. Let notions of sexuality and worries about whether or not it makes you gay float away. You’re doing what feels good. You’re doing what comes naturally. You’re having sex in the way your wife craves. You’re being a good cuckold husband.

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