What genuinely feels feminine about you?

I’m reading a fun book called “7 Rules For Dominating Your Sissy Husband”. Yes I know it is my wife who is supposed to be reading it but anyway, I am enjoying it. 
I love the intro where the author talks about how men are asked to be a certain way by the culture. “As a woman, if were to leave my condo and walk down the street, I would be able to wear whatever I wanted to, either girly dress or jeans and a band tee – both options are socially acceptable. And if I saw something I liked on the boy’s rack at my local clothing store, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick it up and put it on, and I’d wear it in front of anybody really. As a woman I’m free to present the whole spectrum of identities, but men are limited by culture to just the men’s rack, aren’t they?” 

She asks a few questions I find intriguing. 

What genuinely feels masculine about you? And what genuinely feels feminine about you? 

The things that feel masculine about me is my confidence and my strength, how I parent my children. My ability to build things, to do manly task like sawing down a tree with a chainsaw or breaking concrete with a sledgehammer. My body for the most part is masculine. My courage and ability to protect myself and others makes me feel masculine. 

The things the make me feel feminine are my small penis, how I sometimes sit with my legs closed or crossed. My unconditional love for others, my kindness and sensitivity how I can be intuitive and caring. Things that I enjoy like shopping, women’s fashion, women’s appearances, cooking. Tasks that I don’t mind like cleaning and laundry. How I prefer to be delicate than forceful and dominant. That I am giving and pay attention to things. My creativity. 

Do you ever feel jealous that you can’t wear women’s clothing? If so, what kinds of clothes, makeup, or hair options make you feel that way?

I don’t think I ever have been jealous, more envious. If we are using the word jealous I have always loved the Bombshell look. Pure  female: Sexy, a little slutty, but not skanky. Think body-skimming silhouettes full make-up, sexy hair, and stiletto heels. Little black dresses, animal prints, fish nets, short skirts tall boots. Lips that are candy and plump. 
Do you feel your feminine side has a specific vibe to it? Are you a hippie? A punk? What’s your personality like under a feminine light? 

Still athletic but same as the clothing I would say I’m on the slutty side, sexy and wild. 
Would you ever want to secretly feminize yourself? Nail polish on your toes? Do you wish you could wear panties.   

Well we know the answer to this. Love my nail polished toes, they are the cleanest and smoothest they have ever been. I wear panties every day and love how they feel all day! I love when I get a chance to feminize myself or go and get a makeover with my beautiful wife. It is very fun and relaxing. 

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