Her On Top

She looked so hot with her perfect sexy body and large strap-on. A little uncomfortable but pleasurable at first as she took me doggy style. We went big, I agree with her bigger is better. The slaps of her hand against my ass, a sexual delight. Her fucking me, such a powerful sexual creature she is.

I loosened up riding her like a cowgirl controlling the tempo and pace. I like how she fucks me on top and I liked being fucked grinding my body into hers. Riding her cock like a little cock slut.

On my back, one leg over her shoulders spread wide as she takes me thrusting in and out. I am hers to fuck me as she pleases, so close to orgasm, such powerful pleasures going through my body being dominated and penetrated by her.

In and out, in and out, so deep so thick, so full. It only took a slight rubbing of her hand while she pushed in balls deep to send me over the edge to one of the most powerful full body orgasm I have had.

She needed to cum one more time. I was happy to help, pleasuring her with my mouth and a toy until she pushed over the brink to her own orgasm.

I like this side of my wife.

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