She Squeezed My Balls

It  is the little pleasures in life. As I’ve been thinking about sexual needs and all the kinks I am into – Cuckolding, Feminization, Hotwife, Heteroflexibility, Bisexual, Sissy, Small Penis Humiliation, these are all sexual needs I have, of course this is a huge bundle and can not be physically or emotionally present at all times.

This has lead to me thinking about my submissive side. It is said that for the  non-submissive, the woman is the object for their pleasure. With a submissive their object is the pleasure of the woman. I feel this is true, but I also feel I need a lot of sexual attention.  

I am very attracted to strong and confident women. My wife is just that. She has liberated my sexuality by allowing me to explore without out judgement, shame, rejection, or abandonment. She has been very supportive of my kinks/fetishes and more so who I am. I have worked on myself and our relationship to allow her to be liberated sexually. I felt early on like me, she enjoyed more sexually and should be free to have more.  
She knows I am not like most men. Most men want to see their wives on their knees in front of them. To have sexual control. To not allow them to be flirtatious and sexual with others. I want to be on my knees in front of my wife, I want my wife to be on top.

Most men want to fuck their wives and spill their seed inside them. I do this often but a lot of times think about how much more pleasure she gets when I use a stap-on or a penis extension or when I’m lucky to watch another man fuck my wife and fill her with his cum.

I feel I am a submissive male. I find deep, intense, indescribable pleasure in submitting to my wife as well as others.

The idea of my wife telling me to lick her pussy makes my cock stir to life. Her squeezing my cock, me imagining what she is thinking, makes my cock hard.

I have read that men who take such pleasure in service and pleasing are very rare. When I am able to include an aspect of my sexuality paired with her, I feel blissful and happy. When she cuckolds me, puts make-up on me, takes me to get my nails done, dresses me up, has me wear and anal  plug or chastity,  squeezes my balls or tells me I have a small cock…. I can’t explain  it I find myself feeling elevated and actually perform better in all other task of my life.

So submissive yes, but also a little selfish, a more emotional male that requires more attention than your typical male. It must be hard for her at times.

On the flip side I yearn to worship her. I want to taste her pussy often, I love being on my knees kissing and licking her ass, I love making  her cum. Licking her clit until her thighs shudder and she experiences a beautiful climax. I want her to pull me close and thank me for licking her pussy. Our sex life is rarely boring. 

I am a cuckold. I take pleasure in knowing my wife enjoys great sex with  other men. I take pleasure in doing whatever I can to make that sex better.

I will make any sacrifice necessary to ensure that she has the sex life she deserves. 

It sounds strange but long before my wife fucked another man, I knew it was our destiny for me to be her cuckold. Always able to please her, I still knew I couldn’t provide her with the kind of sex she deserves. I knew it would take another man to do that. I didn’t know it was also the sex I deserve, or how sexually submissive I was and now am. 
You mean you didn’t know you were sexually submissive when you wanted your wife to go away for a weekend of mind-blowing sex? I didn’t think of it at the time, I only thought of her pleasure, her feeling sexy and her orgasming on real cock like she did on the toys I used on her. 

Now I have seen her with men that can give her sexually what I can’t. To fuck her in the dominant way she craves. To make her cum with big cock. To show her sexual bliss every woman deserves. I mean it when I say every woman deserves it.

I relish it all. Helping prepare her for her dates, shopping for her, dressing her in clothing that will be used to arouse another man. The submissiveness of it.

I love licking her  pussy before he slides his cock in her, I love licking her pussy while she gets fucked. I have accepted my sexuality. I will happily wrap my lips around her bull’s cock and fluff him if that is what she or he wants me to do. I’ll suck cock because that’s what she craves and fantasies about. I will be her bisexual cuckold because it brings out the submissive in me and I like it. When there’s a dick in my mouth or in my wife’s pussy I get an erection. I am a true cuckold amd cocksucker.

This type of sexuality thrills me. I had never considered I would be a cuckold, or love the submission part so much, the feminization and teasing. So much angst and misunderstanding in the beginning, I still don’t understand it but have accepted the joys it brings me. I always wanted her to tell me the truth, for her to accept it really I was seeking my own acceptance — possibly part of the humiliation turn-on.

By being this type of male, letting go of my male ego we have been able to openly discuss our most intimate and depraved thoughts and acts honestly without any prejudices. It brings me joy and happiness but I hope also making my wife happy. Increasing her daily joy. 
I feel we fit together perfectly.

Each act of sexual submission, whether having my balls squeezed or licking cum out of her pussy makes me a better husband and man. You would think it would make you feel week but it makes me feel stronger. I am much more happy and strong in a caring role. It serves as a reminder how deep in love I am with my wife. It challenges me and pushes me to be better. 

It seems most people would be surprised at the things I am will to do for my wife. I know they seem surprised that I shop for her. She is not. It is normal, she knows I am her loving, sweet, husband. She knows that I value her above everything else.

I think she also knows that I crave her domination. That look of lust that crosses her face when she takes control. I love the feel of her as she pushes my head into her pussy. I love the way she makes me suck her bull’s cock. I love when she dresses up, leaves me with the kids to go take care of her sexual needs and comes home to me and shows me her love. A harsh word that would be humiliating makes my cock hard. When she sits on my face and smothers me with her pussy, it makes me feel loved. When she makes me suck on a strap on, or fucks me like a sissy I feel an overpowering sense of love for her. She knows that the role reversal and power exchange that happens is a fun beautiful form of domination. She knows I crave it, that I want to be fucked in ways most husbands do not. That I like being her little slut and her being free to be as slutty as she wants.

Sexually I am the happiest I have ever been yet the more she contributes pushing me into submission even with a simple ball squeeze the happier I am.

I end it with this quote:

“You are a submissive cuckold, and as such you’re a gift to the woman you dedicate yourself to. You give her everything and in return you experience boundless pleasure because her needs are more important than your own. Making her happy makes you feel joyful in a way nothing else can.

You crave her domination and you work hard to be deserving of it. You crave the chance to taste her pussy and to worship her body. You love preparing her for another man to fuck. You love buying her pretty things for him to fuck her in. You love sucking her bull’s cock and getting it hard. You love cleaning cum out of her pussy. You love taking her cock in your ass.

Every act of domination from her is a gift, and there are so many you can receive over the lifespan of a beautiful cuckold marriage. Every day brings a new opportunity to experience the most intense pleasure of your life. Every moment is a chance to deepen your submission and your commitment to your wife.

You are a submissive cuckold. Embrace that. Live that life. Serve her desires above all else. Take pleasure in knowing that you’re making her happy.”

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