What Are Sexual Needs?

I’ve been thinking about sexual needs, what they are and how they effect your life. Sex to me is important to my overall physical and emotional well-being.

Physically sex is fun, it is exciting, it is pleasurable and feels amazing!

How about if you crave things that are sexual outside of your own physical pleasure? When a kink or fetish provides an emotional well being?

I am thinking it out, without understanding. What I do know is I feel I need constant mental sexual stimulation for my overall well-being and sexual happiness. With my wife I have explored cuckolding although there has been ups and downs it has always satisfied this emotional itch I have, so much so it is something I continue to want and crave. Then there is feminization, sissification. Although different it also helps with my emotional well being and keeping me happy sexually as well as my day to day life.

I love that I have a partner that helps me explore these sexualities, is supportive and often encouraging. She has been able to truly help bring out who I am sexually and I love her so much for it.

I feel sexually satisfied when including these in our sexual relationship. It is strange to me that it can go a few different ways. Me being so excited and sexually thrilled thinking about or witnessing my wife in fishnets, bent over, having a dominant male grabbing her ass, preparing to fuck her. Her cuckolding me, it brings me so much emotional and sexual gratification.

Then on the flip side, I could be the person in fishnets, being sexually dominated by a female or male and that also emotionally excites me, gives me the feeling of well-being as well as physical sexual pleasure.

Without one or all these sexual stimulations I feel anxious, not sexually connected, a constant craving to bring balance back into my life.

I’m just thinking it out, what I know is my own and my wife’s sexual pleasure and sexualities are very important to me. I’m a sexual man.

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