Her Shirt

The first time I wore her shirt it felt naughty, I felt sexy, I liked it. It was very innocent. I am an athlete and it was a cold and rainy day. I had a race and needed something that would not interfere with my performance. I didn’t really have a long-sleeve shirt that would work well, as this type of weather had been rare for the area we live. My wife suggested I were her Under Armour black long sleeve compression shirt. I don’t think she knew it, but the idea excited me. I put it on, loved the feeling of it tight against my skin. I remember asking if she thought anyone would notice it was a women’s shirt. She said no way, it looks just like any man compression shirt. I wore it and loved it, and later found a couple excuses to wear it out again. I didn’t know it then but this was anther early step into my exploration of wearing women’s clothes.

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