What Type Of Cuckold Are You?

A friend of ours texted me this and said “You Are A Lot Of These”. I replied back, “lol, I am most of them.” So which ones do I like the most?

The Voyeur Cuckold: This type of cuckolding is enjoyable for me. When I am there only to watch it is actually the most relaxing because there are no expectations for me to perform. Sometimes I get performance anxiety during The Threesome. So I get to be the voyeur I am and then participate if I choose. I also very much like to be the voyeur just watching men check out my wife, her flirting with men, touching and openly kissing them. This type of cuckolding is very exciting, more so in public. It hits all those tingly cuckold spots.

The Waiting Cuckold: Allows the the imagination to run free. It can be a mind fuck and time runs so slow. It is so painfully enjoyable that I love it. The anticipation for her return or even a text or a call. As parents with kids there is more opportunity for this type of cuckolding. In the past it would drive me mad with expectations, sexual desire and angst. I have overcome that and for me it is very much relaxing, I am extra turned on the whole time and when she comes home, I am willing and eager to devour her pussy, yet as a cuckold there is always that moment of insecurity, her not coming back, which she needs to help with aftercare. I also love hearing all the details and the process of getting her ready for her dates. This is the type of cuckolding that can happen regularly and help fulfill both wife and cuckold needs.

The Threesome: This one is my favorite. I LOVE male female male threesomes and the pleasure they bring especially when the males can focus on her pleasure and not worry about male male contact. This type of cuckolding is not really cuckolding at all. It is raw and fun sex. Her having multiple orgasms over and over as you both use her body. The bull is the alpha and is in charge so that is what makes it a cuckolding experience. I crave to submit to the men fucking my wife but I can also give my share of pleasure. Last I get to eat fresh cum from her pussy and that is the ultimate cuckold treat. I also love to lick pussy. Trust me it is even better while she is being fucked and when she is filled with cum.

The Cuckold Threesome: We have never done this. It would be fun but eventually I’d want to turn it into a gangbang. I would enjoy watching every minute of it but at the same time would not be able to help think….. there is another hole that should be filled.

The Escort Wife: So Hot!!! My wife would make thousands fucking strangers. I would be supportive of it. It would be the ultimate cuckold fantasy, her having sex with strangers whenever they call. In reality I can’t see how it could work with our lives… maybe one naughty weekend in Vegas.

The Sissy Cuckold: If you have been reading my blog you know this is my latest kick. It has brought a lot of self awareness to my sexuality and I so much enjoy it. It is like masturbation it makes me feel submissive, wearing panties, dressing up, a constant reminder of what I love. So it is a form of self pleasure and expression with my wife’s support and guidance. We have been having so much fun feminizing me and doing girly things together. It fits well with me and I am happy to identify as a Sissy Cuckold.

The Gangbang: My wife loves gangbangs!!! So do I!! We have not had many but wow! During a gangbang you truly see her capabilities or should I say endless capabilities sexually. It is the reason all men should be cuckolds and all women should be free to fuck whoever they want. They are built to be able to. The guys orgasm and they are done. 1 by 1 they drop out. A woman can go and go, orgasm and orgasm, turn into an absolute animal with no thoughts except receiving and giving pleasure. It is beautiful. Anyone witnessing it has instant admiration for her. Instant conformation her body sexually was never created for sexual monogamy.

The bisex cuckold: I still have not decided if I am bisexual or not. I do love to suck cock and am eager to get fucked more. For me it is more sexual, the sissy, the submissive in me. Like the woman in the gangbang I love to give pleasure and feel pleasure with men and women. I am thankful my wife decided to turn me into the bisex cuckold.

The Cuckolding Gangbang: Same as above, when your wife is getting gangbanged you are not participating the whole time. A lot of watching, orchestrating. What I would find to be hot is if I was a fluffer for my wife then if I got to lick her pussy clean every time a guy filled her (Note: To this date we have always used condoms during group sex). That would be a Cuckolding Gangbang for me.

Dogging: I’ll have to look it up. I actually don’t know what it is. Looks like it is outdoor sex which is always hot!

The Waiting Cuckold Gangbang: My wife’s first gangbang I was at home with the kids. I thought it was hot, when she came home to me, I was so proud of her. It was a huge turn on for me. She on the other hand would rather me be there and I’m happy to do that. She likes having a loved one who can help orchestrate it so she can feel safe and focus on being used sexually.

The Submissive Cuckold: I love this. I am definitely a submissive cuckold and I like the feeling of being reminded of this. It is a Huge Turn On for me. The first time I ever was submissive was with another male in my 20’s before cuckolding and marriage. I very much enjoyed taking a submissive role sexually. It allowed me to escape the pressures of daily life and for me felt like a natural position. I love being submissive to my wife as well as to her lovers. Spit in my mouth, choke me and tell me I have a small dick! It just gets me off. I don’t love the humiliation of it but have learned I should not be humiliated or embarrassed in this role and am open more to the verbal aspect.

Wife Vacation With Her Lover: The first time I was ever cuckolded I gifted my wife a weekend vacation to an adult resort alone. She was very stressed, had recently gave birth to our first child and was studying to excel in her carrier. She didn’t seem like she felt sexy and I felt like there needed to be an intervention and it would take others to show her how sexy she truly is. It worked, she cuckolded me, felt sexy and it relieved a lot of sex. I think weekend trips with a lover is hot and gets back to the waiting cuckold. It’s a win win.

The Chastity Cuckold: I have a love hate relationship with this. I just can’t get comfortable wearing it and I am also very active. I do enjoy playing with Chastity and can fantasize about being in chastity more ofter with my wife controlling my sex life while also cuckolding me. Making me submissive and feeding me creamy pie regularly. The idea is hot. We have very much enjoyed chastity play as a toy. I will wear it when she is on her dates, I have also worn once for the start of a Threesome. We will keep playing with it but not sure I ever will be a Chastity Cuckold.

One other cuckold not included on this image is The Cuckold Father: This is when I knew I truly was a cuckold in personality, not a kink or fetish. My wife thought she may have been pregnant by a black male she had sex with around the same time she became pregnant with our second child. I became very hard and very turned on. As she stressed I remember fantasizing about her giving birth to another males baby of a different color. It turned me on a lot, so much I masturbated to it. I was excited to take on the responsibilities and to raise the child as mine and looked forward to the everyday reminder of who I am. Today it is still a huge turn on to me. I am not The Cuckold Father, I am the biological father, but if we were wanting another child or were to do it over again it would have been an adventure and a lot of fun having other males fuck her with the purpose of impregnating her.

The Outed Cuckold: That would lead to the last type of cuckold the outed cuckold. The most humiliated and embarrassed, yet open and free to move forward without any discretion. I don’t think there is any reason to purposely out yourself as a cuckold but I like to be openly who I am.

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