Once a cuckold…..

I’ve been thinking a lot about cuckolding the last few days. For awhile I have been able to focus my energies in other areas of my sexuality – specifically my feminization and exploration with sissy play by myself and with my loving wife.

Then gradually they come and feed into my mind. The cravings, the cuckold cravings. I think once you are a cuckold you will always be a cuckold. It is something that turns you on. My exploration with feminization has not taken this away, just has better made me understand it and accept it.

I read something that sexually aroused me. Harsh but true. It was an advise post to wives.

“The only permission you ever need is the fist okay to be with other men. After that, you never need permission again. Fuck who you want when you want, stay out all night with another man, find a regular lover, have unprotected sex, stay over for weekends with your lover and enjoy your complete freedom from the rules of old marriage styles that don’t apply to you.

Once your hubby understood that you won’t be faithful to just him and still wishes to be there for you, it means he’s your beta who will be there for you and your needs while you’re out hunting your alpha to satisfy your sexual desires and emotional needs.”

This just made me wet with dripping cum. Strange… but true, once a cuckold always a cuckold.

An endless love, respect, admiration for your wife.

A man who gets turned on by voyeurism, watching his wife being, flirtatious and sexual in person, from a far, or visualizing it in his mind.

Submissive and passive.

Sexual – mind and body.

Admiration – Which may first come off as jealous and angsty, a slut himself inside.

Humiliated – A fine line…. nobody likes to be humiliated…. but most men would feel humiliation from the acts of cuckolding, yet for the cuckold he is turned on by this humiliation. Maybe more embarrassed, a feeling of self conscious, shame, or awkwardness a sexual predicament that makes him dripping and hard.

Beta – men who are associated with feminism or men who are not sexually assertive, particularly with women.

Under-endowed – not meaning bad in bed after all the cuckold can be great with his tongue, girl on top sex can be amazing for both, grinding instead of thrusting, rubbing gspot and clit, giving an all out hard effort pounding doggy-style while she rubs her clit, clit sliding, grinding hard and slow, making love, face sitting and small cocks are great for anal. Toys and more. All the same under-endowed in knowledge that it takes more than his cock to bring about amazing orgasms even if that means the above and sharing her with others.

Confident – Always a cuckold always confident. It may seem at times there is a lack of confidence a feeling of being self conscious. In truth the cuckold is self aware, it just may take him time to figure this out. He is turned on by being a cuckold. If ever to be cuckolded he is confident in himself, his abilities, his education, his love for his wife and family, his knowledge of what his wife deserves. Confident in exploring his sexuality and sharing the experiences of cuckolding joy and trial with his wife.

It takes mental fortitude and that fist okay to your wife to be with other men. It is who you are.

One thought on “Once a cuckold…..

  1. My wife said to me:

    “Honey I promise you I will always be completely honest and open in our communication. It’s so important to a perfect relationship. So when you told me all your girlfriends and first wife cheated on you. I thought how perfectly honest and open you are for trusting me to know that about you. I’m not asking you to change for me and I sincerely want you to be happy. So please accept my promise. If you ask me to, I promise I will cheat on you too. Honey we are going to be just so perfect for each other.”

    I thought she was joking, so I asked her.
    She kept her promise and continues keeping her promise.
    What it is that the all my girlfriends, first wife and current wife sees in me that I don’t know?.


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