Finding Yourself

I love my wife because she introduced me to sexy underwear and encouraged me to suck her bulls cock.

I have always been attracted to strong, confident, beautiful women, in some eyes they would say I am attracted to slutty woman. Strong, confident, beautiful women that enjoy their sexuality and are proud of it.

I didn’t ever imagine I would go through a phase of fully cross-dressing in my life. It makes since though and makes me happy. Not only does it make me happy it has allowed me to better accept my other sexual kinks including cuckolding, my love for cock. I never was able to communicate before what was so appealing and such a turn on about my wife being with other men. It is appealing because that is my feminine side, I appreciate women that enjoy themselves sexually and know sexually what they want or are at least willing to be adventurous and experiment. It is the type of women I would be and it excites me.

In high-school I remember being in aw of two girls in particular for their sexuality. I didn’t have sex with them, I did have the desire but had a long-term girlfriend and was happy. It seemed like they could get whatever they wanted, they had all the boys wrapped around their finger including even some of the male teaches. They chose who they were sexual with and it was their gift to give. They were intelligent, sexual, strong and exciting.

I loved how they dressed, flirtatious and revealing.

I have always appreciated women’s clothing. I don’t know where it came from, not my mother as she is not too fashionable — sorry mom :). The allure of dressing to attract sexual partners, this is what I thought at the time, I did not think about dressing just to feel sexy.

I worked in fashion for many years. I can remember sneaking damaged women’s clothing after photo-shoots home with me. I would wear them for a short time then throw them away so noone would ever know. I imagined what it would be like being female wearing it, how hot it must feel.

I love buying clothing for my wife, and secretly I loved trying on some of that clothing. I never have felt I looked as hot as her, it reminded me how sexual and exciting she is.

How didn’t I know this is what made me desperately want to be cuckolded. To be turned on, sexually pleasured by her own sexuality.

I crossdress now. I have my own beginning wardrobe. I wish I could go on a shopping spree and have my own walk in closet of women’s clothing. My wife has taught me how to do make-up, I have a few pairs of heels, lots of panties and a couple of bras.

Being out in the open with it with my wife has made me feel better than I have ever felt sexually. I feel sexier than I have ever felt. It seems natural to me. It gives me an understanding of the pleasures I feel being cuckolded but it also allows me to sexually feel great without the need of pressuring cuckolding.

I truly feel I am finally finding myself. I’m a sexy little slut and I love it!

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