Love for my goddess

I love my goddess wife. The minute I first saw her I loved her beauty, I love it the same today. When I talked to her I loved her personality. I love her so much and in so many ways. Today I choose to love her because she lets me be me.

As a life partner, I am confident I am a great husband. We run a fairly equal household, share our responsibilities in day to day life, raising kids, doing chores and so on.

Sexually have always clicked. Our sex was hot and passionate from the start. Still is today.

A big can of worms sexually she has been dealt marrying me. Early on I liked the idea of her being with other men while I was monogamous. I loved the idea of her being pleasured by other men, having sexual relationships with them. Hard to explain but it gave me a mixture of mental and physical feelings that sexually together stimulate my body and mind to a great place. I only hoped she enjoyed it as much as me, giving me this gift of becoming a hotwife. After she cuckolds me there is a unique bonding experience I desire to share with her, for me it is only brought on by cuckolding and some of the other aspects of kinky sex I like. It is not taking her back, reclaiming her, for me it is sharing the experience with her and again displaying our trust and bond outside of incredible sex.

Our liberated partnership, exploring together has for me enhanced the intimacy and pleasure I can achieve with her.

I enjoy the traditional sense of cuckolding. I like that she has sex with other men and I am monogamous unless she tells me to do otherwise. I like that power dynamic. I like to proactively support her and love when I hear feedback, praise, and insight into how my support pleases her. I like how indirectly she is in charge of our relationship and I crave some direct leadership to give me the physical domination I love, her dominating me 1 on 1 or through cuckolding me.

I enjoy the humiliation aspects of cuckolding. I don’t specifically like to be humiliated although there is a fine line, after all I am choosing to do this and she has my consent. I love small penis humiliation, it just makes me feel good in a submissive type of way. I love pleasuring her with my tongue and fingers, serving both her and her bull sexually. I like my wife being submissive to lovers and dominant to me and also her lovers being dominant to me.

I have learned I like feelings of submissiveness everyday. It is not always easy to achieve this. Because she allows me to be me we’ve introduced women’s panties as a reminder of my sexual status everyday. It works and I love her for that. Dressing up like a woman, although we speak of dominant women makes me feel submissive and sexy as a cuckolded man. I very much enjoy the feminization aspect of cuckolding.

I am a cuckold male, submissive and a more of a bottom than a top. I love that my wife still loves me and supports me and lets me be me.

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