I Cheated On My Wife

After 11 years of marriage it is ironic I cheated on my wife with another male. Although she told me it is a turn on for her, me with other men this was not what she meant. I got carried away in my fantasies, my arousal and eagerness to explore my re-ignited desire to be a cock-sucker and my newer desire to go out as a cross-dresser.

I learned, I could never cheat on my wife and not tell her, feel regret and ashamed. I have never had the desire to be with another woman, she never has to worry about me cheating on her with a woman or again with a male. Although I may ask her permission if I get the courage.

Parts of it were fun. An opportunity to cross-dress and be the women sexually for a few hours has been a long fantasy I had never thought I would have an opportunity to make a reality. I like dressing up, knowing I was dressing up to be fucked. I loved being in the car driving, it felt naughty, it felt adventurous, humiliating. I liked the sex, I liked being penetrated. I never thought I would like being fucked by a man. It has been a desire but also a mental block my wife got me over. Mentally I could never accept that is okay until my wife showed me acceptance and found the thought of me being with men hot. With this knowledge, I was able to let go and enjoy the penetration. The thickness and hardness bulging in seemingly random places, rubbing in all the right places. At first it hurt a little then it felt incredible. Hitting a spot that made my legs tremble with warm euphoria bringing moans aloud. It felt amazing. The stimulation was intense and incredible. I felt sexy and slutty. I still can’t get over how warm and inviting to the body a cock feels.

Was it worth it? No it was not, although my wife found the story hot when I told her and we even had great sex. I don’t want to be that guy. I want to be a cuckold. Yes I will crave wanting a cock in me again no doubt. I already do. It is not any guy I crave though it is just the feeling of the cock, any cock would be good. I guess that is what makes me a slut. I read a funny caption “I just don’t see you as gay, bi, or straight. I just see you as a sissy slut that will fuck anyone.” There is some truth to this!

Why didn’t I ask for her permission first. Honestly I was embarrassed. Strange as it may sound it would have been easier for me to ask permission to sleep with another woman. Although my wife has seen me suck a cock. It is still embarrassing, even more so to dress up like a girl and go suck a cock. Would have it been more fun if I asked? Absolutely! A different type of fun, because it would have felt slightly humiliating too for me to of asked and done it. I would have liked that yet I also feared that.

She let me go see him again but it wasn’t the same. It felt tainted to me because of me.

I am happy she let me experience this and I continue to love her more then writing could ever describe.

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