A slutty affair

It’s set, you have agreed to an affair. A time and a place. You are nervous as all hell. What was I thinking? I don’t want to do this. I was just horney.  Fuck I’m still horney and I want to do this.

Lets get ready. A long hot shower. The sensual feel of a freshly shaved body soft and tingly. Extra attention to the details showering and shaving.

Dried off, moisturizer rubbed over the body making it even softer to the touch. Smooth skin and fragranced for an extra added feminine sex appeal. Teeth brushed, flossed, eyebrows plucked, with an extra rinse of mouth wash.

What to wear? This is an affair, no going out in public. I want to look sexy and hot. To celebrate my body with some gorgeous adornment, and take a moment to enjoy the view before taking it off. Something the shows off my best features. My long legs and tight ass. So hot he might rip it off me.

I don’t know what is going to happen. This is not about making love, romance, and perfection. It is about sexual desire. It is about that…. Sex. I like to have a lot of sex and I like having different kinds of sex. Love making, raw, sensual, being dominated, bi, straight, fluid, gangbangs, threesomes and groups.

Today I am having an affair.

I have chosen a slutty outfit. Sheer thong pantyhose. Short red shorts. Tall black fuck me boots. A lace body suite.

The last touch before I leave my house is make-up.  Black eyeliner, Dior Rapberry lips. I am short on time so the make-up is quick.


I’m about 20 minutes away and finishing up getting ready for you.

It’s thrilling getting ready for another man. A stranger. You met him online. His fit body caught your eye, sexy male underwear showing off a nice package underneath. A few text back and forth and her you are dressed for sex, ready to go, hoping for an evening of excitement, not disappointment.

Your in the car driving with your fuck me boots on. It’s hard driving in heels. You didn’t know it but this is one of the most memorable parts.  The excitement as you drive. You are doing this! So much anticipation. You feel so slutty like the whole world is looking at you knowing you love cock any cock. Your body is ready to be used by another man, to submit to his sexual desires for your own. Everybody is looking at you slut!

Pulling up to the driveway. You’re here. Last chance to back out. Your pulse is racing you are even shaking a little bit. You sit in his driveway, check your make-up one more time then step out.

Like a prostitute on the streets, you open the door to your fancy SUV. Heels hit the ground, you stand tall. Any neighbor looking out would know what your are there for. The fact is, what I have found is no one is paying attention. These games are all in your own head.

It’s time. You knock. The door opens. There is an awkward moment, although you both know why you are there.  You are there to please him. Guess I better get to it.

I drop to my knees. Unbuckle his belt  and unbutton his pants. I pull them down to expose his cock. So soft and warm to the touch, it has weight to it. I kiss it as I bring it to my lips. Suck it into my mouth.

It is growing, getting bigger and bigger for me as I suck it. I am so turned on to have cock in my mouth again. I’m making him hard! He is hot but the truth is it doesn’t really matter, the cock is just amazing, once your are sucking a cock it could be any guy it is the cock that you want. If another guy showed up, I’d suck his cock too!

You worship this cock. Suck it! Deep throat it! Slap your face with it! Sensually rub it on your face! Suck his balls! Gag on it! Bring yourself to tears on it! Suck it so hard your just want it to come inside your mouth.

Not yet!!!!!

Come rub that sexy ass on my dick slut!

I don’t hesitate. I lift my mouth off the cock and turn to face him cowgirl style. The heat of his cock on my ass is incredible, like fire as I slide my ass up and down on it. God I need this cock in me is all I am thinking about.

It is weird to describe but as he stretches my ass and pushes into me. It feels like a really good stretch.  It is not like my ass felt empty  before, but as he pushes in the fullness is the main sensation. It just feels like a warm stretch. Like when your muscles are tense a little painful at first and you just reach out and feel things open up and release tension.

It is like something sliding in that was always meant to be there.

Then I let loose. Fucking him, wanting to give him my all. Bouncing my ass, lap dancing on top of him. Riding him, grinding him inside me. My yells are dirty… “Fuck me!” “God your cock feels so good in me!” “Fuck I love your cock!” Is it possible, inching closer and closer to orgasm as I am getting penetrated.

I then turn, to face him. Look into his eyes as he fucks me with his hot rod. “Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! And I cum and cum all over his chest as he fills me up.

We lay there, both exhausted and in sexual bliss.

We talk…. I just had an affair on my wife. I tell him this is something I never have done. We are in a cuckold marriage. I get off on her being with other men but me playing outside our marriage is off limits. I enjoyed what I had just done but I feel guilty. Will I tell her? Yes I say to him, I could never not tell my wife, I am not that kind of person.  He asks to see a picture of her and then he tells me he would love to fuck my her too.

It was a fantasy. To dress up slutty like a woman and go fuck a man. Like many of my fantasies I lived it. It was hot. A drive of sexual anticipation and slutty drive home.

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