Victoria Secrets and Sephora

I never thought as I aged that I would at a point in my life have two favorite  stores Victoria Secrets and Sephora.

Victoria Secrets makes sense. I remember even when young loving to look at the VS catalogs. The pretty women in sexy lingerie. I was always up to date on the latest women’s underwear styles and have always loved purchasing women’s clothing, especially for my wife.

Lets face it most women’s underwear is also a form of lingerie. It is meant to be seen and enjoyed otherwise wouldn’t they be like men’s, very plain, white, cotton. Sure some very conservative women’s underwear is but most panties are colorful, soft and sexy, bright with colors, sheer, transparent form fitting with selections of bikini, cheeky, and thongs.

They are not just underwear. They are sensual, feminine and sexual meant to be seen and enjoyed by both women and men, even if in most cases it is for the males eyes to see on a beautiful woman.

I love sexy panties on my wife and still today shop through the VS catalog picturing what she would look like in them. After-all she can wear any pair available for sale where a male has to be a little more  selective.

Victoria Secrets does not make their clothing for men although I have found reading reviews on line of their product many males like myself enjoy shopping and wearing them.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is the first time you put a pair of panties on nor the first time you go lingerie shopping with your wife. 

So panties are the staple item of a cross-dresser. Once you put a pair on you may find that you like it so much, you also want to try on other women’s clothing. I recommend if you have these urges to go ahead, it is fun, sexy and doesn’t hurt anyone and even more fun if your significant other is accepting of your sexual nature.

Then there is Sephora. Now Sephora is only my choice of beauty supply stores because it was my wife’s choice of stores for herself before she ever introduced me to trying on make-up.

A store of wonder for a male like myself. Like the women’s panties a lot of it is about beauty, feeling sexy, being seen. Although  there are a lot of practical purposes like softer skin, plumper lips, highlighting areas of yourself, contouring and concealing.

As a male in my early 40’s I honestly don’t know what more than half of the stuff in the store specifically is for but it is sure fun and exciting to explore. When I read about ways to be more feminine when I started to enjoy how submissive I felt wearing panties, somewhere soft lips came up. So I spent a lot of time on my lips. Lip balm every day, then lip scrubs. My wife then showed me how to layer lip products for a softer feel. Our kisses this way are divine.  I had never understood the effort women put in just so our kisses could be soft, until I put the effort in myself.

Although I have tried other make-up items right now lips is till my thing. Pouty and Sexy. Soft and alluring.

Now what are my favorite stores to purchase clothing? Well that can be a different post but certainly it is a women’s store.

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