Hot Wife Loves Business Trips

I’m not going to lie, a big part of me hates when my wife travels for business. If I’m honest it is mostly the inconvenience it places on me. A single working dad for a short period of time taking care of two kids, our home and myself. 

Then there is the other side of business travel. When my wife is away I am constantly turned on. I can’t help think about her with other men.  My sexy intelligent hot wife, dressed in her work dress that hugs every curve of her perfect body. No kids no husband and a hotel room. I just can’t help but fantasize about her flirting with other men, inviting them to her room, having a sexual flings. It is just so hot thinking about a hung stud fucking her in a hotel room. This is what she loves about business travel. Not the long work days, not being away from home but the hot hotel sex she gets to have that makes traveling worth it for her.

I know men can’t keep their eyes off my beautiful wife, openly hitting on her and chatting her up even with her wedding ring on. The thought alone is just a huge turn on for me, this is what I’m thinking about at home. 

I know most of her days are busy with meetings and she is not in a male dominant business. I’m sure her days fly by.

Does she ever get petitioned to have dinner with other male travelers at the conferences? I can picture her at dinner having a few drinks. Back at the hotel grabbing another drink at the bar with one of the girls. 

As they drink and discuss the day a couple attractive guys in suits or business dress purchase them drinks. Her texting me with a smile “Some hot guy just purchased me a drink”. 

Their conversation flowing discussing where they are traveling from. He tells her he is there for the next 4 days and she tells him the same, that she is traveling back to her husband and kids at the end of the week. As the night wears on my wife says her farewells and tells her new friend that she hopes to see him around the next couple days. 

She walks to the elevator, her new friend approaches, smiles and says “I’m headed up to my room to call it a night too”. In the elevator they continue their conversation as he checks out her body and ass. As the elevator door opens they linger a moment. Looking deep into each-others eyes, they have their first kiss. Tongues dancing with each other. Here pressing her body against his feeling his swelling cock pressing against her. “Take me to my room she says”. 

A night of passion with a new man, everything new and different filling a need within her. A raw sexual need. They fuck over and over, learning each-others bodies, changing positions. His cock splitting her apart and bringing her to multiple orgasms. 

I do, I’m a husband who fantasizes about these things. I don’t want her to travel but when she does, I can’t help but be turned on and hard.

The first night then the rest of the week they continue their business affair, more nights at the bar, dinners together. Free as a couple all week. Long nights of fucking and mornings of tender sex. A kiss goodby until they meet on business again.  

I have always found it hot thinking about powerful women on business away from their husbands having sex with others. I can’t help it. I’m a cuckold, these are the types of thoughts that I masturbate to. 

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