Cum Cravings

I remember the first time my wife cuckolded me. She was out of town for the weekend and enjoyed a weekend of sexual adventure. When she arrived home to me I was aroused with desire, excited to have her home in my arms again, excited to make passionate love to her.

I couldn’t help but inspect every curve of her body. From her neck down to her toes. There was evidence of her infidelity. She had marks on her body, little bruises on her knees from kneeling on the ground being taken rough, small hickies on her breast, and her pussy seemed swollen and sore. I ate it all up, a mental and sexual rush! A rush maybe only a cuckold type guy can feel. I ravished her body and loved every second of it. I was happy and proud she enjoyed herself so much sexually.

I thought to myself, I want her like this all the time, sexed, slutty and sexy.

She would cuckold me more, never would I want her to take a shower before returning to me.

The smell of sex, another mans scent on her, to me it is a crazed aphrodisiac.

She let a man cum inside her. The musky smell. The pure wetness of her pussy. Freshly Fucked, Freshly Stretched. Used for his and her pleasure. The taste. At first you want to lick it but your mind tells you it is not right, you shouldn’t be doing this. Once you or her force you to have a taste, salty, sometimes a little bitter, musky, sometimes a little sweet. You dive in and again devour her pussy. Getting a great feeling of pleasure cleaning her and making her orgasm again, the pleasure of the wetness on your face, the pleasure knowing she had sex and you get to worship her for it.

I have come to a point where I don’t only crave being cuckolded but also the experience of cleaning her cum filled pussy. To have the constant aftertaste of her lover, to share kisses with her and still have the small hint of cum taste on both our lips.

The sooner I get to eat it out of her pussy the better, but know matter how long I have to wait when she places her fucked pussy in my face I will be sexually fulfilled by my feast.

I have cuckold cravings, do women have cock cravings?

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