Who Wears The Pants In Our Relationship?

Unlike traditional marriages my wife and I are very equal partners in our relationship. We both take care of our kids, we both cook and clean, do yard work, wash the clothes, change the sheets, work hard to financially provide for our family. There have been years where she contributes more and years where I have contributed more. We are a team and it keeps us both happy.

I have always admired how strong and beautiful she is and appreciated everything about her, what she does for herself, me and our family. I appreciate how sexual she is and love for her to be sexually free. I also appreciate and love being her sole-mate and life love and lover.

Like me she needs to feel appreciated and loved. Also unlike traditional marriages she has a husband that has all these great qualities but is also emotionally a bit more complicated than your typical male. We don’t argue about who wears the pants but sometimes it does get complicated whose pants we wear. In this sense we are sometimes more like girlfriends or two wife’s because we don’t draw a fine line like old marriages did in a traditional since. I like it this way, no in fact I love it this way. I love her more than the world.

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