My Lip Gloss Is Poppin

When I first took the plunge earlier this year in more actively making an effort to become more of a Girly Boy aside from wearing female panties I read about lip care. How females pay extra attention to keeping their lips smooth, soft and kissable. So I first started using Soft Lips Lip Balm everyday.

I at first never thought about wearing make-up but my accepting and encouraging wife was going to have none of that if I wanted to play with feminization and being a girly boy I’d have to try make-up. So she spent an hour or so one night doing my make-up including a three layer trick of lip balm, lip stick, topped with lip gloss for the ultimate soft lips. I later learned to add in a lip scrub two wanting to be an over achiever :).

I absolutely love the feeling of having soft girly lips. My wife also suggested that I start wearing lip gloss more and outside of the house, with neutral colors she didn’t think anyone would notice or say anything.

Now I had a double arsenal to feel, feminine, submissive and sexier everyday with panties and lip gloss. Noone has ever said anything, have they noticed? I have no idea. Do they care? Probably not at all. Us girly boys get to enjoy the simplest pleasures, fun girly songs, sliding a hot sexy pair of panties on in the morning and making sure our lip gloss is poppin!!

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